Many Different Varieties of Music Displayed in Dimond

Most of the time, there is not only one genre of music that someone will listen to.

The factors that decide for them what music is the most appealing depends on their mood, whether they’re listening or playing the music and what they’re doing while listening to the music.

There are more factors than these but these seem to be the most common ones among different people.

“It depends on the day but I’ve always been a fan of classic rock. Dave Matthews Band is a good one,” said Jason Edwards, a music teacher.

Edwards also says there are more genres of music that he listens to such as jazz and classical, being a Jazz Band, Symphonic Band and classical guitar instructor.

When asked what kind of music she listens to Senior Karen Wilson said, “I like hip-hop because it’s really upbeat and happy. Country is also happy and altogether good and meaningful.”

Music is a big influence in the daily lives of many students, with almost everyone having a music player of some sort.

“I listen to music every day so I guess I would consider it a big influence in my life, Wilson also said.”

An opinion of many students is that the music has changed in a negative way since their parents were their age; however, not all agree.

Junior at Dimond, and long time guitar player, Brandon Parker says, “Right now I believe that music from the past is better because I haven’t listened to much newer music; I mostly just stick to the classics.”

When Edwards compared newer music to the music of the time when he was in high school, he said, “I haven’t seen a positive or negative change, mostly because there has always been a lot of garbage music.”

Different types of music also reflect people and what they like to do. For example, a breakdancer might have a different musical preference than a guitar player.

“Funky kinds of music that make me move,” is what inspires Senior Deejay Remuto to breakdance.

“Acoustic and hip-hop are my favorite genres of music, not rap just because of the fact that it’s just a branch off of hip-hop,” Remuto also says.

On the other hand, Parker says, “I enjoy playing different styles of music but am mostly focused on metal and hard rock or freestyle improvisation.”

It’s still a debate whether music is changing for the better or the worse.

These different students with different hobbies and opinions show the diversity of music culture at Dimond High.