Game Consoles Incorporate New Features

Last fall, Microsoft and Sony released their new generation game consoles to the United States.

Sony released the fourth installment to the Playstation consoles, known as the PS4.

Only one week later, Microsoft released the XBOX One, coming up as the competitor.

The PS4 came out with four important launch titles: Assassins Creed Four, Killzone, Call of Duty and Knack.

The XBOX One released with some similar titles along with the new installment to the Dead Rising series.

The PS4 has greatly improved since the release of the PS3 nearly six years ago.

The new game controller comes with a touch sensor pad that can be used during gaming, games can be played during downloading, and the face of the Playstation has changed entirely.

As for the XBOX, it now has the possibility of watching cable, rumble support on the controller, and the upcoming popular game: Halo.

No matter the perks, there is ongoing controversy on which next generation console is the best.

“Personally, I think that the Playstation 4 is way better than the XBOX,” said Sophomore Colton Stephens. “It is just an entirely new thing and seems so much cooler. It has completely upgraded the looks of it and made it a whole new product. The games that came with it were awesome, and the features were just crazy. The XBOX seems to be doing the same thing it has always done… which is taking your money.”

Yet, Sophomore Chris Carrigan disagrees, “I will always love XBOX. No matter what you guys say, it is just way cooler and far more popular. The Playstation could never beat the XBOX because of Halo. Halo will always make XBOX number one.”

Both of these consoles have only been out for nearly a month now, which means that they both have plenty of time to improve and release more fun games and accessories.

Only time can tell where these consoles will be, yet the future looks extremely bright for both Sony and Microsoft.