“RoboCop” Gets Mixed Reviews

RoboCop, a remake of the 1987 original, opened in the U.S. on February 12, 2014 and received a lukewarm reception.

According to Wikipedia, it was ranked as the #1 grossing film on its opening day, surpassing The Lego Movie and The Monuments Men.

As of February 23, the film has grossed 187,210,000 USD internationally.

Critically, the film’s reviews were mixed, Rotten Tomatoes rated the film at a 49%.

RoboCop is a movie about a policeman named Alex Murphy.

After a failed attempt to arrest local crime boss Antoine Vallon, Vallon retaliates and tries to kill Murphy.

Murphy survives the attack but is left severely crippled.

Without his consent, he is entered into the RoboCop program and is turned into a robot cop.

The rest of the movie centers around Murphy’s struggle to retain his humanity.

RoboCop is more a revisioning of its predecessor than a straight remake.

While the basic premise remains the same, director Jose´ Padilha changes events leading up to key plot points and places a much greater emphasis on Murphy’s internal conflict.

The new RoboCop takes itself very seriously and moves at a much slower pace than before.

Overall, the story aims to have a deeper emotional impact on the audience.

I appreciated these changes simply for the fact that they offered something new for those who had seen the original.

However, the original RoboCop is undoubtedly the better movie.

The new RoboCop has none of its predecessor’s sense of humor and its villains aren’t as compelling.

Raymond Sellars, the CEO of OmniCorp (the company that built RoboCop) and the film’s main antagonist, just felt like a weak character.

He wasn’t really that evil and wasn’t complicated enough for me to sympathize with his ideals.

The film’s other villain, Antoine Vallon, gets very little screen time and didn’t feel that important to the story.

In general, the acting is solid.

Joel Kinnaman does a good job in his lead role as RoboCop.

Gary Oldman’s role as Dr. Dennette Norton, the scientist who founded the RoboCop program, was well done and his acting added a certain depth to the character.

Cooper Plumhoff, a sophomore at Dimond, saw the remake and described it as “awesome.”

Walter Hendrickson, a junior at Dimond, said that the remake was “enjoyable, but not as good as the older version.”

David Liu, a sophomore, disagrees with Hendrickson’s opinion on the original.

Liu described the first RoboCop as a “terrible movie” and made it clear that he had no desire to see the remake.

Overall, I think that the new RoboCop is a decent movie.

It poses some interesting questions on what it means to be human, but has weak villains and can be a bit slow at times.

If you’re interested in the remake, I’d recommend you see the original.

If you already saw the original but still want to see more RoboCop, then you might want to check this movie out.