Students Enjoy 25 Days of Christmas Movies

Looking forward to Christmas and have nothing to do? Watch some holiday classics with the family at any time of the day.

ABC 25 days of Christmas is a show that shows 25 different movies between December 1 and December 25. It is aired on Channel 13.

Sophomore Kyle Henrickson said, “ It is a very well known show among everyone.” He enjoys watching it himself too.

Henrickson said, “My favorite movie is ‘Elf’ because it is really funny.”

Henrickson does not usually watch it with his family, but sometimes he watches it with his little brother.

The show started in about 1996. The show has changed a little between now and then.

It used to be just Christmas movies for the 25 days, but now they show a variety of movies.

There are lots of general movies now too that are all family friendly. They even played Harry Potter.

Sometimes they even show a marathon of movies in one day.

They show movies for all ages and also classical movies as well as new movies that have come out recently.  Some favorites are “Elf”, “Home Alone” and “Polar Express”.

The oldest movie they play is “Jack Frost”  from 1979. It was the first movie shown this year on December 1.

They play movies and TV shows. There are even some up to movies from earlier this year. An example of this is “Pretty Little Liars” or “The Fosters”.

For these shows, they are all new holiday episodes.

Another common non-Christmas movie that is played often through these 25 days is “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”.

The earliest movies are played is at 7 a.m., which is mostly for young kids movies. The lastest movies are played at 1 a.m. There are about three to four movies between these times daily.


Sophomore Daphne Manley says that they play at different times of days according to the style of the movie. The movies are also repeated throughout the day and night.

Usually, she watches all of the 25 movies. Her favorite movie is “Home Alone,” which played December 16.

“It is one of the best things leading up to Christmas,” says Manley.

Sophomore Sydney Tomuro enjoys watching the movies, but only watches them if they’re on while she happens to be watching TV.

Senior Hannah Gastaldi said, ““I love this time of year!”

“My family and I always watch all our favorite movies together. Even if we don’t have time we record them and watch them on the weekends.”

Gastaldi’s favorite movie is “Elf” or “Home Alone.”

Sophomore Tanner Rath had quite a contradicting opinion.

Rath said, “there are far too many commercials, which make the show ten times longer than usual.”

Rath only likes “Elf.”

ABC’s 25 days of Christmas can be a very fun tradition for family and friends.

You can find that schedule online.