Fans Enjoy Having “Friends” on Netflix

If you haven’t seen “Friends” yet, its probably about time, and great news, “Friends” has finally made it to Netflix.

“Friends” is an American sitcom that ran for 10 years between September 1994 and May 2004.

There are 10 seasons and 236 episodes.

Friends is a show that is popular among young and old because of its jokes and story line.

With the show being on Netflix it makes it very convenient for more people.

Before it was on Netflix, people didn’t really watch “Friends” unless it was showing on TV or they actually owned all of the seasons.

The show is very well known and considered a classic by many including Sophomore Kelsey Eagle.

It is about a group of friends living in the same apartment building in Manhattan. “Friends” is  all about love, happiness and friendship. It follows their everyday lives and tells about their adventures, complications and accomplishments.

The main characters are Joey, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and Ross.

The show starts off with Rachel moving in with Monica, her friend from high school when her marriage fails.

Ross then tries to go after Rachel and their relationship is on/off for quite awhile. Ross, one of the main characters, gets married very often.

Ross is also brothers with Monica. She is the motherly one of the group and is a chef for her job. Monica jumps between various restaurants throughout the show.

Phoebe is a self taught musician and that signs a lot, but is not very good at it. She is quite smart from living on the streets, but is very ditzy.

Joey is a failing actor who loves food. He has a series of short term relationships, but never gets further than that.

Chandler is known for his sarcastic sense of humor and also bad luck in relationships.

“Its a show surrounding their relationship roller coasters”, said Eagle.

Even after new seasons stopped being made in 2004, the 10 seasons continually showed on TV.

Sophomore, Grant Anderson said, “ This show has been show way too much and it gets boring pretty quick. I’ve seen pretty much every episode more than once. In my opinion it’s so overrated.”

Anderson’s favorite character is Joey. He loves his sense of humor.

Sophomore Emma Osterberg spent winter break watching Friends on Netflix. She said its really convenient for her.

Osterberg’s favorite characters are Joey and Chandler. She loves what good friends they are.

Sophomore Kelsey Eagle said, “I think its a classic and everyone should watch it.”

“My favorite character is Phoebe. She’s not very smart, but really sweet.””

Eagle’s favorite episode is the Christmas episode because she thinks its the funniest.

Sophomore Loricelle Juan said, “Its witty and whimsical and keeps you entertained.”

Juan loves having it on Netflix because its easier to watch and she can watch it whenever she wants.