Students Look Forward to Summer Vacation

Everyone in school looks forward to summer vacation starting the first day of school.

Once summer break rolls around, several people leave the state and go on fun summer trips.

Sophomore Daphne Manley said, “I am going to Idaho this summer to work with my aunt and uncle on their farms. I am really excited to go to Idaho because I am going to make a lot of money and get really tan while I am working. I think I will be there for about a month; maybe a little bit longer.”

Senior Russell Seymoure said, “I am going to Europe this summer to see my cousin get married on a vineyard in France. After the wedding, I am probably going to go backpacking across France to see the sights.”

Sophomore Anyi Patton said, “I might go to Hawaii with my family this summer. My family likes to go to Hawaii a lot just to relax and tan. It is always a lot of fun and it is so beautiful there.”

Sophomore Maddie Powelson said, “I am going to Arizona this summer with my family. We go there every year to visit my family because I have a lot of relatives down there. I am going to be gone two or three weeks.”

Sophomore Madeleine LaPorte said, “This summer I am going to Canada, Seattle, and Arkansas. I am going on my trips with my teammates and I am going to play soccer as well as go for pleasure. We will be watching the Women’s World Cup, visiting friends, and going to see One Direction. “

Going on family vacations is very important for families because it helps the family members bond and become closer with each other.

Manley said, “I do not go on trips very often. I only go on vacation once a year; sometimes two if I am lucky and have the time to travel.”

Seymoure said, “I will be gone two and a half to three weeks. My dad works with the airline so I usually go on trips every summer. So far, I have gone to Australia, California, Hawaii, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines for summer vacation.”

Most people usually go on their vacations for ten days to two weeks since the children will not have to miss school.

Patton said, “I think I am going to be in Hawaii for about two weeks. My family usually goes on vacation twice a month. We also go to Mexico about every other year just for a change of scenery.”

Powelson said, “I cannot wait to go down to Arizona and get tan. We also do a lot of hiking and go to the zoo to see the animals. My family goes on vacation usually at least twice a year. Most of our trips are when we go to Arizona.”

LaPorte said, “Each one of my trips this summer will be about two weeks. So I will be gone for a large portion of summer vacation. I think I go on at least three trips a year. I take several soccer trips with my team every year but I also go on trips with my mom. We go to Hawaii a lot for our ‘Mother-Daughter’ trips.”

Students love to go on summer trips to relax and have fun every year and it is a tradition that will continue for years to come.