What’s In Store for Summer Adventures?

With the school year wrapping up numerous students at Dimond High School are planning their summer adventures.

What is in store for the students of Dimond high?

Sophomore Laura Kuk said, “This summer I am planning on getting some classes out of the way by taking them online.  I also think I am going to go to Korea with my family which will be really fun.”

Kuk also said, “I hope that this summer will be filled with fun memories and lots of good weather.”

For most seniors at Dimond, this summer will be their last.

Senior Austin Pangelinan said, “Most of this summer will be preparing for college and getting ready to move, But I also am going to try to play volleyball as much as possible.”

Pang also said, “I want this summer to go by fast so I can begin my new life as a college student.”

Another thing that some Dimond students will be participating in is summer jobs.

Sophomore Jade Devon said, “This summer I am going to continue working at Tastee Freeze. I want to work there as much as possible so I can save money for back to school shopping.”

Devon also said, “But I do not want my whole summer to revolve around work, I also want to go on many summer adventures with my friends.

What also comes with Summer is trips, whether it is senior trips or family vacations.

Senior Miryea Herman said, “This summer I am planning on going on a senior trip with some of my friends to celebrate graduation and going off to college. I am really excited and hope to get as tan as possible.”

Herman also said, “ I think that this summer will be really fun but also stressful at the same time because I am going to have to say goodbye to all my friends and also start preparing for college.”

For some athletes of Dimond, their summer will revolve around sports and physical activity.

Sophomore Mariah Youngmun said, “I hope that this summer I will be able to train as much as possible for soccer. I am injured now, so I want my summer to be about recovering and getting my strength back in order to make varsity next year.”

Another thing Youngmun said was, “I am really looking forward to going out of town for soccer camps because it will show how the competition is in the lower forty-eight.”

Sophomore Gabby Skar said, “This summer I signed up for a lot of sand volleyball programs, because it will give me the chance to be outside and exercise while also training for volleyball so I can work on my vertical.”

Along with the Dimond students that have stressful yet fun-filled summers, there are some students that do not have many plans.

Sophomore Anyi Patton said, “This summer I am not really going on any trips, but I hope to spend a lot of time with my friends and family while also making this summer one to remember.”

So for many Dimond students, this summer will be filled with fun memories and preparing for the future.