New Trampoline Park Has Dimond Fans

Get Air is a new trampoline park here in Anchorage.

Located in the AT&T Center on 11051 O’Malley Centre Drive, you can “get your jump on” or host your birthday in wall-to-wall trampolines, where there are foam pits, dodgeball, slam ball (basketball), the ninja course, the air slackline and the air fidget ladder.

There is also a corner called “small air” for children under 46 inches. Get Air even offers special accommodations for special needs children so they can get their jump on too.

Get Air seems to be growing popular, which is tough competition for the other amusement parks here in town like Pump it Up, Bouncing Bears, Roadrunners and H20 Oasis.

It would be interesting to see if any of these old parks were to add something new to bring in more business, or if any of these places were to go out of business.

Aside from trampoline burn and the expensive prices Get Air is popular among your Dimond students, as well.

Senior Colton Stephens said, “Get Air is overpriced but I’d still pay to go.” Stephens also said “one change he would make would be to allow more than one person in the foam pit, but it’s good that Get Air is keeping everybody safe.”

Senior Matt Beardsley liked the foam pit, he said “ It’s a pit of foam. what’s not to like about it.” Beardsley also said that he didn’t like getting hit in the face with a dodgeball.

Junior Kyle Henrickson, the Varsity quarterback for the Dimond Lynx football team. Henrickson said “Get Air is a great place to get air.” Henrickson also said if he could change anything he would lower the prices. At Get Air $18 will buy you one hour of jumping, and $26 will buy you two hours, which is a bit expensive but at the same time reasonable.

Senior Augie Stevens said, “ I haven’t had the chance to jump yet, it’s pretty expensive, but it looked fun, my brother enjoyed it.”

Senior Carina Trujillo said that her brother really liked the ninja course and the foam pit. Trujillo said “the safety waivers on the computer were very glitchy and frustrating, but necessary because it’s easy for the children to get hurt.”

Dimond students love getting their jump on at Get Air.

The foam pit, the dodgeball area, the ninja course and all the trampolines seem to be everyone’s favorite.