Halo: The Never-Ending Story

Microsoft released a new Halo game to their Halo franchise last month.

The game, “Halo 5,” is the seventh installment in the series.

According to gaming website Gamespot, Halo 5 sales exceeded $400 million in just the first week alone. In total, the franchise has made a total of $14 billion, according to Xbox Wire.

Fans around the world are generally satisfied with Halo 5, which has earned dozens of perfect scores from gaming websites.

“Halo is one of the best franchises I have ever played,” said Dimond Senior Keith Harvey. “I was very excited when Xbox had announced Halo 5 last year, and was eager for its release. Now that I have played the game, the least I can say is that I am very content.”

Harvey has been playing Halo since he was in middle school.

Students are not the only ones who have played the Halo series.

Joshua Hall, a math teacher at Dimond High, claims he has played the series as well.

“I have played Halo once, but all I can say is that I played badly. I have to hand it to you it was fun, but I just can’t get good at it without practice,” said Hall.

Hall is not a big fan of the Halo series, but is very into “Star Wars.”

Dimond Senior Ben Clayton claims he has never played Halo.

“I can only play video games when I am absolutely bored and have nothing to do. I know that if I start playing Halo, I will get too into it, and because of that, I will not play it. I would rather play Grand Theft Auto with my brother, Alec,” Clayton said.

Halo is a very controversial subject between many people. Some fans were especially disappointed with the ending of Halo 5, which ended in a cliffhanger.

Joseph Amodemo, a senior at Dimond High, said that the ending of Halo 5 “disappointed many fans. What made me upset about the end of Halo 5 is that it ended in a cliffhanger, which really just shows that Xbox is milking the series for all it’s worth.

“Now I feel like the series is redundant, and that it just will never end. The ending of Halo 5 has showed me that Xbox is more in it for the money, and because of that, not only did they ruin the reputation of the series, but their own credibility as well,” Amodemo said.

It is very interesting to see this noticeable barrier between dedicated Halo fans, and former fans, who are now against Xbox for prolonging the series.

Dimond Senior Nick Johansen, a video game enthusiast, claims that the ending of Halo 5 proves that Xbox is “no longer in it for the laughs. What prolonging a game series shows is that the video game industry is becoming more and more selfish, and is connecting less with fans. The franchise is already on its seventh installment in the series, and should have well ended years ago. It is sad that Xbox is doing what they are doing, and in all honesty, I have lost loyalty to them.”

It is interesting to see that gamers around the world are divided on this controversy.

The only question now is, when will Xbox end the Halo series?