Students Look Forward to Winter Vacation

Every winter in the Anchorage School District, schools have a “winter break” during the seasonal holidays and New Years.

This also represents the end mark and beginning mark of first and second semesters.

Many students look forward to this break because it brings a glimpse of freedom from school for two weeks.

Not only the students, but the Dimond faculty and staff use this break to catch up on things and relieve their stress from hectic finals week.

Caley Bringmann, a junior at Dimond said, “This year I get to go to Hawaii! Our family tradition every year is to go to Hawaii for Christmas.

“The only years I wasn’t able to go to Hawaii for winter vacation was my 7th and 8th grade years because we went to go to visit my sister in Arizona. My family goes to Hawaii every year because we own a condo in Maui.” Bringmann said.

“I feel like winter break is very necessary because it allows students to take a break from school for a couple weeks. I especially need this break because I stress out pretty easily and finals week takes a big toll on me, so I really enjoy the break.” Bringmann said.

“I also get to catch up with friends and spend time with my family during the holidays. My family celebrates Christmas and we have a big tree that we keep in our Hawaii condo. We decorate it and put a bunch of ornaments and lights on it.” Bringmann said.

Tucker Lyons, a junior said, “I used to go to Hawaii every year, but I stopped during my freshman year because of my club soccer tryouts. I’m starting to take soccer more seriously now, so I have to sacrifice Hawaii for my soccer future.”

“I went to Hawaii last year though with James Curro and it was an okay experience. It rained basically the whole entire trip and the weather wasn’t really nice, but other than that, I had a fun time.”

“I enjoy the beaches the nightlife in Hawaii during the holidays and the people there. It seems like it’s always a happy and fun time there on the island.”

“Winter break is my favorite time of the year because of the holidays. It’s such a blast!”

Lyons and his family used to go to Hawaii every year because it was an opportunity for the family to relax for a couple weeks and get away from the busy schedules and life back home in Anchorage.

Lyons also said that when he and his family go, they always go to P.F. Changs for dinner on Christmas Eve because that is their favorite restaurant.