Dimond Students Have Holiday Spirit

The holiday season is officially in full swing and the students of Dimond High School are getting into the spirit.

Many students are very excited and wait in anticipation for the holidays that are soon approaching.

Each celebrates with interesting and diverse holiday traditions that make their winter breaks special.

Jourdan Clarke-Olson, a sophomore at Dimond, celebrates New Year’s in a unique way.

“It’s a Chinese tradition, and in Hawaii we would have these huge ladders and these big firecrackers. Each part of our family would light one and it would go off. It’s super loud and cool.”

Sophomore Denali Bunker spends her Christmases all nice and cozy.

“On Christmas Eve we always get new pajamas, so we all have our new pajamas on Christmas morning. Also on Christmas morning we always have cinnamon rolls since we have a fancy Christmas dinner.”

Senior Jarod O’Brien’s family plays a fun game each Christmas.

“We hang a pickle on the tree and whoever finds the pickle first on Christmas morning gets like $10 dollars.”

Sophomore Dru Keizer spends most of her holidays warm in the sun.

“Usually we go to Hawaii with my mom’s family and we go to this little church on Christmas Eve that’s on this cliff right by the ocean. You can hear the waves crashing and it’s really beautiful. There are all these people singing Christmas songs in Hawaiian and it’s super cool. Then we buy a poinsettia there and put it under the tree for my grandpa because he liked doing that.”

All of the students share a common meaning of the holidays that really makes it the “most wonderful time of the year.”

Clarke-Olson said, “This is a time to spend with family. I know that sounds basic, but it really is a time to spend with family and loved ones.”

O’Brien agreed saying, “It’s a time for being together.”

Bunker said, “I like getting to spend time with my family.”

Then Keizer said, “The holidays are great  because I get to spend time with family, sometimes family I don’t get to see very often.”

This time of year is full of great food, gift giving and family while also bringing about special feelings that resonate within the students of Dimond High.

Bunker said, in relation to Christmas, “Honestly the food is amazing. I always look forward to the mashed potatoes. I also love giving presents. I like receiving presents, obviously that’s a fun thing, but I love getting people gifts. I love watching them open them. I think it’s fun, the season of giving. Everyone is happy and joyful and I love it.”

Clarke-Olson said, “Probably New Year’s is my favorite holiday because it’s a new beginning. You get to put away all of the bad memories of older years and start a new chapter in your life.”

O’Brien’s favorite part of the holidays is, “Food. Definitely food. Anything edible. I mainly look forward to the sweets: candy, cookies, etc.”

Keizer said, “The food, just everything food. I love baking cookies with everyone. We also make king crab every Christmas and that’s delicious.”

The students also look forward to Dimond’s holiday traditions.

Clake-Olson said, “I like the spirit week. People are able to have fun and be creative with their outfits like Santa’s helpers. It shows how much spirit Dimond has, and gets us into a good mood for the holidays.”

Bunker said, “I like the assemblies. They’re fun and Dimond is super spirited. I also like the choir grams when they come to your class and sing.”

O’Brien agreed, saying, “I’m entertained when the choir comes and sings.”

Keizer said, “I really like the Christmas grams and the spirit days, getting to dress up with all your friends.”

The holidays are just around the corner and it seems like the students of Dimond High are ready to celebrate.