Star Wars Saga Brings Excitement

The newest upcoming “Star Wars” movie, “The Force Awakens,” has certainly awoken much excitement, as well as some other surprising feelings.

This latest installment to the “Star Wars” saga came out on Dec.18.

The last “Star Wars” movie to come out was “Revenge of the Sith,” which was released over ten years ago on May 19, 2005.

“Return of the Jedi,” the last of the three original movies, came out even longer ago in 1983.

This long break between movies has only built up the anticipation and excitement for the upcoming new movie.

Before the movie was released, Dimond Sophomore Brandon Williams said, “We are going to the movie two days in a row, that’s how excited we are!”

Andrew Johnson, a freshman at Dimond, said, “I have literally been waiting for this movie my whole life.”

Many students at Dimond High School have really “literally been waiting” their whole lives for this movie, as many were too young to remember when the last “Star Wars” movie came out in 2005.

Johnson said, “Of course I‘ve watched all the ‘Star Wars’ movies, but the last one to come out was when I was 4, so I am excited to actually be able to see one in theaters.”

However, some people are not so enthusiastic about the release of “The Force Awakens.”

Dimond Senior Maddy Howard said, “I’m not excited for it to come out because my dad and my brother get obsessed about it, so all I’ve listen to for the past five months is ‘Star Wars’ this and ‘Star Wars’ that.”

Howard does admit that while she is not excited, she is interested in seeing the movie, saying “the old movies were kind of boring, so I’m interested in the new one because I’ll actually watch it and pay attention to it.”

On the other hand, some adults are skeptical whether the new movie will be able to live up to the previous movies.

Anchorage resident Nathan Vandermartin said, “The old movies are just so good and classic, I don’t know how this new movie will ever be able to match the excitement and pure awesomeness of the originals.”

Despite mixed feelings towards the new movie, “The Force Awakens” is predicted to be wildly popular and extremely financially successful.

According to Fandango, when the tickets for “The Force Awakens” first went up for sale online, more pre-release tickets were sold than any movie had ever sold before.

Many theaters are completely sold out for the movie’s opening premiere. Several ticket sites had so many people online at one time that the websites crashed.

The crashing websites caused a panic for many enthusiastic fans.

Howard said, “The minute the tickets went up for sale, my dad got on his iPhone, my sister got on her iPod and my three-year-old brother got on his iPad to buy tickets. The websites overloaded so they started freaking out as they watched the number of available tickets go down. Finally, after like an hour, they were able to buy the tickets and they calmed down.”

The mass excitement over the movie has caused much debate over what the plot will be, and what new characters will emerge.

Of the plot, Johnson says, “I think some new Jedi will rise and fight off the Empire, which is going to try and take over the galaxy again.”

Howard has a more radical perspective on the possible plot.

Howard said, “I think Princess Leia will probably become a dictator or something, and I think that she’s going to divorce Han and marry the bad guy on accident. I think she will also die in the end. ”

Many people were actually surprised to see both Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, the original actors of Han Solo and Princess Leia, appear in the trailer.

Ford will be 73 this year and Carrie Fisher will be 59.

Regarding the return of the original actors, Howard said, “I think it’s going to be okay. It’s going to be weird though because they’re so old.”

Williams said, “I think people should just stop trying to figure out what will happen in the next movie, and enjoy it when they first watch it. The surprise is the best part.”

So what do you think will happen? Will Princess Leia die? Will Chewbacca have furry, adorable children? Or will a new Death Star end up blowing the entire galaxy to pieces?