The Fallout Series: Is It Back for Good?

Gaming Company Bethesda has recently released a new game to their Fallout Series just last week. The game, Fallout 4, has been anticipated by many gamers around the world for years.

According to gaming website IGN, the game has sold a total of 12 million copies.

“I am still shaking knowing that Fallout 4 came out,” said Dimond Senior Edgar Villasenor. “It is crazy that they actually came through with making the game; this is just amazing. I can’t even speak.”

Gamers around the world are very excited for the release of Fallout 4. Many people are surprised that Bethesda actually came through with making Fallout 4, despite Bethesda’s claims that they were no longer going to continue the Fallout Series after their last game, which was released nearly 10 years ago.

“What made the launch of this game crazy is Bethesda’s previous claims that their last Fallout game was going to be the last of the series, but eventually they made this game. I still can’t believe the reality,” said Dimond Senior Jaron Brown. “It is freaking awesome to tell you the truth; I used to play Fallout 3 back in 5th grade all the time, and now with Fallout 4’s new graphics and stuff, this is just great.”

Some gamers think that Fallout 4 will officially be the last game of the series.

“I think that they are going to end the Fallout Series with this game,” said Abdullah Elomari. “I remember playing the first Fallout game on the computer when I was a kid; this was almost 20 years ago. It is obvious that they have been working on this game for too long, and at this point I think that they are going to stop making more Fallout games.”

Some gamers, on the other hand, believe that Fallout 4 is not going to be the last game in the franchise.

Gaming enthusiast Nick Johansen believes that Bethesda is “just getting started,” and “wouldn’t ditch a game series that has generated billions of dollars for the company.

“With today’s generation of gaming consoles, developers have so much more processing power than they did years ago, and now they are able to make the games they wanted to make then into a reality,” Johansen said. “Bethesda never said that Fallout 4 was going to be their last game, so this supports my case, and tells me that the more powerful the consoles become, the more potential they will have to make these games, and the more motivated they will be to make them.”

It is great to see that Bethesda has continued the series, despite claims that they had ended it in the past.

Some gamers think they know the answer to why Bethesda changed their mind.

Dimond Senior Witten Cohen believes that Bethesda continued on with their Fallout Series because they were going to “take advantage of today’s technology, and obviously changed their minds when they saw what new consoles can do today.”

It is an interesting approach Bethesda is taking with this Fallout Series, but will Fallout 4 truly be the last game of their franchise?