Gamers Worldwide Anticipate Release of Uncharted 4

Swedish gaming company Naughty Dog is planning to release the fourth installment to their Uncharted Series, Uncharted 4. According to the gaming company, this will be their last game of the series.

Uncharted 4 will release on April 27 of this year.

Gamers around the world are anticipated for the game, since the last game of the series, Uncharted 3, was released nearly five years ago in 2011.

“I am aware of Uncharted, and yes I have played the other three installments before,” said Dimond Sophomore Shaun Dyess.

“They’re some of the best games I have ever played, other than Dino Hunt 2. I think it is sad that the game is the last in the series, but I know that Naughty Dog will finish this game strong.”

Dyess preordered the game in September of last year.

Even those who do not play video games that much are aware of Uncharted 4, and have played the other installments at some point in their past.

Dimond Senior Haley Carney claims that she is not a huge gamer, but she and her sister, Ally, have played “the third game. I remember when me and Ally would play this a bunch, but that was so long ago. I’m not really a huge gamer, but that game was freaking awesome. I would recommend it to anyone who is into video games, though I’m not really a gamer.”

Many gamers have heard of the game, but have never played the series.

“I have not played Uncharted yet, but I plan to,” said gaming enthusiast Nick Johansen, a Dimond senior.

“I have heard mixed feelings of the games, but I will ultimately give it a shot when I have finished other games that are on my list of games I have not beaten yet.”

Naughty Dog did postpone the release date for Uncharted 4 by six months. The game was set to release originally on October of last year.

This has made many gamers around the world skeptical of the last installment.

“I just hope that they do not rush the game,” said Abdullah Elomari.

“Knowing that they delayed it until another six months, it should be good. Still sad it was delayed.”

Many people are passionate about the series. Dimond Senior Ben Clayton claims that he was “heartbroken that Uncharted 4 is the last game of the series. I have been waiting for Uncharted 4 since the third game came out back in 2011. I can’t believe it is finally here.

“I really hate that they are ending Drake’s [the protagonist of the series] story. I really hope Naughty Dog ends it on a good note, and doesn’t pull on Drake like what they did to Leonardo DiCaprio in the end of The Departed.”

This shows that gamers are really emotional about the series. Some people are planning to purchase new playstation consoles just to be able to play Uncharted 4.

Dimond Senior Jason Cristobal claims that he does not own a Playstation 4, but will purchase one when the game comes out.

“I am aware of Uncharted 4, and am excited for it,” said Cristobal. “I just don’t have a PS4 at the moment, but it’s okay though because I will eventually buy one when the game comes out.”

The Uncharted Series definitely brings mixed emotions to gamers around the world. Some gamers are upset that Naughty Dog is ending the series, and others are happy that they are not going to prolong it.

The only question now is, will Naughty Dog end Uncharted 4 on a good note?