Kanye Fans Love Latest Album

“I love the album. Straight up no questions asked.  Ultralight might be my favorite song, but almost all of the songs are great in their own way,” says teacher Eric Eckberg.

Most listeners and Kanye fans have found a special place in their heart for the new album and especially the song ‘Ultra Light Beam’.

Sophomore Hannah Ranes said,  “It’s my favorite song (ULB) because it’s really uplifting and mellow; you can tell that they put a lot of work into the song, it’s the longest on the album. I feel like I could even listen to it with my mom. It made me tear up.”

Kanye sets the mood for the album by starting it with Ultra Light Beam. He shows off his connections with other artists and his diversity by featuring rapper, “Chance the Rapper”.

“The use of the church choir for a background vocalist adds a power to the song that gets even an atheist to wanna ‘praise the lord.’  Chance the rapper adds a smooth touch that really leads into his rap verse perfectly before he destroys (in a good way).  And the final touch, an actually pastor discussing faith and its power.  It’s a complete song,” Edkberg says.

Eric is one of the many people agree that Yeezy’s new album showcases Kanye’s attention to detail and appreciation for aesthetic.

Although the album is near perfection it also has its flaws. Eckberg said, “One thing about The Life of Pablo that I don’t like, which I never thought I would ever say, is that he added music to it.”

Kanye originally had planned to release a 10 song LP.

Some might say the fact that the album is a little bit messy just adds to the theme.

Songs like “Father Stretch My Hands Pt.2”, “Low Lights”, “HighLights”, “Waves” all reflect the more spiritual and gospel side that Kanye discussed before he released the album; while songs like “Pt.2”, “Famous”, “Feedback” and “Freestyle 4” have a more intense and aggressive tone.

The diversity of the songs flatter each other and make the whole album feel like you’re walking through an art exhibit.

With all the hype of the album, Kanye has decided that he won’t be releasing the album on iTunes.

Eckberg said,  “I am disappointed by this choice, but i don’t think it will never be released on apple music like he said.  He is one of the co founders of tidal and is like a little brother to Jay- Z ( the owner of tidal).  And as he has self proclaimed he’s a genius and what genius isn’t crazy.”.

For now Kanye fans must decide if paying $12.99 a month is worth it to listen to the album or if bootlegging the album is worth a potential computer virus.