Ninja Storm 4 Has Amazing Gameplay, Lacks in Other Areas

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is a fighting game made by Bandai Namco that came out February 2016 for Playstation 4, Xbox one and PC.

It is the final game in the Naruto Ultimate Ninja series that started ten years ago way back in 2006.

The game covers the Naruto Shippuden series where it left off in Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, which is the second half of the fourth great ninja war.

Junior Matt Fern said, “I remember when the Ultimate Ninja games started. I couldn’t wait to battle head to head with my favorite Naruto characters.

The player takes control of the characters Naruto and Sasuke throughout the war as they try to bring one dream into light or darkness.

I have been playing the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Games for about six years now and I managed to beat Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 in about 15 hours.

In the games before Storm 4 the player controlled a character through big and beautiful environments that had various cutscenes within them. In Storm 4 the player selects a chapter and then will watch cutscenes and then it initiates a fight.

When I first put the game in my system it had to install around 40 gigabytes which means I got to wait on the title screen for around 40 minutes without knowing when it was actually done downloading because there was not a progress bar.

The first half of the cutscenes are pictures from the TV show and voices talking over it, and then the second half consists of beautiful cutscenes that really get the player pumped about what is going to happen next.

During the in game cutscenes it is very obvious that there are lip sync issues because the voices and mouths do not line up, which is annoying, but in the big picture can be overlooked.

Senior Jack Woodke said, “It was really hard to get past having lip sync issues in all of the cutscenes, but I got over it once I kept playing and I got excited for more of the gameplay.”

The regular battles are absolutely stunning and the controls respond extremely well. There was never a time when I thought the controls were unresponsive or not optimized.

Boss battles in the story look even better and, unlike in previous games, there are a lot more of them for players to enjoy.

This Naruto game adds a feature that has been wanted in the series for a long time which is being able to use multiple characters in battle with the flick of a joystick.

The music in the game is hardly noticeable. The only time that you hear it is when there is a sad or depressing cutscene happening.

Senior Aspen Harless said, “I rarely noticed the music at all. I had to think about the music to be able to actually hear it.”

The adventure mode that is in the game takes place after the story and ends up just being a mode that goes over the series as a whole with cutscenes and flashback battles.

This game has an online battle mode that lets players battle from around the world to either jump up in there ninja rank or just to play online with friends.

The network code in the game is fairly well written because I have never had an experience where it dropped or lagged at all, but to be fair I have only used it to play with friends and have not tried playing ranked online with people that do not live in Alaska.

After playing the game through twice I concluded that it is a beautiful game with amazing gameplay, but lacks in other areas. I would give Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 a 8/10.