Should Game DLC Cost Money?

DLC is downloadable content that is available for select games. This DLC generally comes out a month or two after the game comes out and it generally costs an extra fee to get it.

An example of small DLC is extra fighters like Roy and stages like Super Mario Maker in the popular fighting game Super Smash Bros Wii U.

Other examples of DLC are story extensions like in the game Life is Strange which will not actually let you get farther into the game unless you pay more to see what else it has to offer, even if a person bought it for full price before.

Since DLC has been coming out several people have gotten upset because they feel that when they buy the game for full price that they should be entitled to all of the DLC that comes out for the game.

Senior Joshua Estrada said, “I don’t like video game DLC because developers make the full game and then chop it up into little bits and all of it together can cost more than the full game would itself.”

Senior Ozair El-amari said, “I think that it is ridiculous that gaming companies will ride customers, and make customers pay the full $60 for essentially half a game, and to unlock the other half of a game, you will have to pay $50, which is almost just as much as purchasing the first half of a game, which they claimed to be the full version of the game originally. DLCs must come to an end.”

Other gamers enjoy to be able to purchase more content for games that they love and they want the developers to continue to make more for there games.

Senior Jack Woodke said, “I always look forward to DLC that comes out for games I really like because I get to enjoy the game more for a few more bucks here and there.”

I feel that certain types of DLC should come free and others should have a slight cost to them if they won’t affect the online experience for the player.

When a developer releases an online map for a game some players can’t play with the people that have the maps and it generally means you find less people.

I was playing Mario Kart 8 with my friend online and he bought the extra race tracks and I was unable to play those with him.

Maps really do affect how people communicate over online play and should be free DLC because it causes people to not be able to play with each other.

On the other hand small things such as characters, costumes, and in story items or chapters of games should be able to be purchased.

This is because this will only affect the one player and they can decide if they want to buy the downloadable content for their game, instead of buying DLC just so that they can play one map with friends and other people around the world.

DLC has been big for a couple years now so they are trying to figure it out, but when you buy a game at full price it should have everything you need to enjoy the game with everyone.