Clash of Clans Returns

The game Clash of Clans took Dimond by storm a few years back.

All ages, senior through freshmen, played the game constantly and couldn’t look away from their phone.

It currently is on a revival tour sweeping DHS once again.

Junior Kaden Denton is one of the students who brought it back.

“I just redownloaded it one day and realized I love this game and I need to start playing it again.”

Denton was a avid user who had to restart due to his account not being able to be recovered.

Denton said, “It is a bummer I had to restart but it’s fun to build everything up again and get a fresh start.”

Denton is just one of many with this same thought process, Chugiak Junior Zach Macalino has said, “Here at Chugiak a comeback is on too, I redownloaded my old account last week and the memories just came flowing back.”

He had decided to redownload his favorite game due to his friends urging him to join a new clan, the 907Ki11az.

“The clan part of Clash is what brings us all together, it is a way to interact with our friends and try to compete with each other to see who’s the best.” Macalino said.

Most adults are not a big fan of this Clash of Clans, many believe it distracts kids.

So distracting that the children don’t even focus on school.

Many teachers have noticed kids playing these types of games, Blake Hausinger even told me that his teachers have called kids out in class before.

“Mr. Isakson always has to take phones from kids because they won’t listen if they’re messing around playing silly games.”

Hausinger went on to say, “I love games though.”

The best player at Dimond however might be sophomore Jakob Lick. He is a town hall level 9 and is really talented.

Lick knows all the best strategies, “I like to attack all their defense towers first then finish them off.”

Clash of Clans is not the only big game however, people also love to play Clash Royale.

Clash Royale is a lot like Clans but it is all about the battles. You have cards that you place and attack with.

It takes away from the building portion of the game but lots of people still love playing it.

It is a game that can really become addicting.

People obviously all across the world play these games. The games were very popular a while back but then it died down.

As of late 2017 has been the year of the comeback, people have been re downloading it and playing it again.

Despite the popularity revival, it has annoyed lots of kids that their accounts got restarted. Many have had to make a whole new account.

It can be frustrating to restart but also a learning experience where they can have a new experience.

Denton elaborated on this, “I really hope the game is here to stay this time around because I love it.”

It will be interesting to see how long Clash of Clans is popular now.