Season Seven of “American Horror Story” Leaves Fans Shocked

    The recent release of “American Horror Story” season seven has its fans completely shocked.

     From the show’s start in back in 2011, it has been beloved by people all over the world as it takes universal fears such as ghosts, witches and clowns and transforms them into unforgettable scenes.

    American Horror Story is undeniably unique as throughout all six, and now seven seasons, the cast remains the same, varying slightly. However, each season brings a new theme, setting, and set of characters.

     This season is called “American Horror Story: Cult.”

     It takes place in modern times and represents the current chaos in American politics.

     As the first episode begins, it takes place between two different families, both shown in their separate homes watching the Clinton and Trump Election.

    One family is viewed as Democrats, and the other one as Republicans.

    The Republican family is displayed to be over the top in love with the country. They thrive when hearing the news that Donald Trump is the President of the United States. They yell hooray and clap their hands.

    Racquel Micheletto, a senior at Dimond, said, “After previously watching all six seasons of ‘American Horror Story’ and being very engaged, this season was a huge surprise to me. I had no idea what the season’s main theme was until I watched the first episode because I like to keep it surprise.

       “When I turned on episode one I felt like I was watching the news. There were clips from President Trump and Hillary Clinton going off about different topics and it was really weird.”

     It is obvious when the show begins that they are taking on the controversial side of this last election, including the idea that the two candidates were completely opposite on most of their opinions and were not afraid to speak negatively about each other in regards to that.

     The film clips show them speaking of abortion, voting rights, the LGBTQ community and financial aid.

      Emerson Embly, a senior at Dimond, said, “This was the first season of ‘American Horror Story’ I had decided to watch and I was really confused at first. Everyone always talked about how terrifying and jaw dropping the show was, but when I watched this first episode I actually found it funny.

      “My parents are also really involved in politics and I remembered most of the first couple clips from being reenacted on SNL. My friends are telling me this is the wrong season to start with because it doesn’t have the same level of horror as the others. I think I’m going to start at the first season instead.”

       This season is much different than the rest. The fans expect it to be the most independent and unique season of all, as the cast takes on their first comedic approach.

      The main difference is that this season is including nonfictional characters and ideas.

     Kurt Flores, a senior at Dimond, said, “When people sit to watch AHS, they want to fall into something that’s going to keep them on their toes and entertain them. This just made me have bad flashbacks to the drama of our country during this election.”     

        It will be interesting to see how ratings of this new season impact the future of the show.

       From what we have heard so far, this may have thrown them off track and dented their reputation of providing a good scare.