PUBG Versus Fortnite

In recent years, a new genre in the video game industry has been making a rise. This genre is called Battle Royale.

Most games of this genre have followed a fundamental set of rules, placing 100 players on a map. The players fight against each other, eliminating each other to be the last person or team standing.

Carson Hile, a Dimond senior, said, “You start with 100 players, usually on an island or somethig with closed borders. The last person or team alive wins. Now the map starts off really, but gets smaller as time goes on. When there’re around 10 to 15 people the left, the playing area is really small, make it really close quarters.”

The game that coined the term battle royale is “PlayerUnknown’s Battleground,” also known as “PUBG”, a game that started off as a mod inspired by the movie “Battle Royale” for an older PC game called “Arma 2.”

It gradually gained popularity until it became its own game in early 2017. The game developers have expanded the games accessibility by releasing it on Xbox One.

Over the past year, a new game has risen from the massive pool of game to compete with “PUBG”, that game is called “Fortnite.”

Ethan Luddy, a player of “Fortnite,”said, “The premise of “Fortnite” is to defend yourself against alien-zombie apocalypse by finding crafting weapons and build huge forts to protect yourself from alien-zombies.”

It wasn’t until later that year did they introduce the game mode, “Fortnite Battle Royale.” The game mode didn’t start gaining wide popularity until it became a free-to-play game.

Luddy said, “After the battle royale game mode came out, I basically stopped playing the original game mode. I actually found the original game mode be kinda boring and tedious, so when the battle royale game mode, it was something new to play.”

Now this begs the question, out of the two game mentioned above, which is better?

My answer to this question is pretty simple: It’s all a matter of preference.

Both games are good in their own way, while both use the same fundamental rules, both add their own to flare to make their game unique.

“PUBG” makes its game unique by adding a more realistic vibe to it, and also incorporating the use of vehicles.

Hile said, “I’ve always prefered “PUBG over “Fortnite.” Before “PUBG” came to xbox, we would always play Fortnite, but once ‘PUBG’ came to Xbox, we started playing that instead. To me, I like ‘PUBG’  more because it feels more grounded and realistic. While to me, ‘Fortnite’ is 100 player chaos, ‘Fortnite’ requires strategy, you can’t just go in fun blazing, you gotta be sneaky, take them by surprise.”

While PUBG” has its own unique aspects, “Fortnite” adds its own quirks by adding the function to build anything during the game and being more chaotic.

Usually, when the playing field is at its smallest, people have already built forts to defend themselves.

Jack Dolan, a Dimond Freshman, said ‘Fortnite’ is way more fun than ‘PUBG’. The chaos is fun, plus you can build whatever you want. In ‘Fortnite’ you’re always on your toes, while in ‘PUBG’ , there’s a lot of moments when all you’re doing is running to try and stay in the circle, which can get boring.”

There are also people that like and play both games.

Luddy said, “I like both, they’re both different enough so that it doesn’t feel like I’m playing the same game twice. They both bring something different to table that keeps me interested in both. Sometimes I’ll play ‘Fortnite’ as a warm-up before I play ‘PUBG’.”

To sum it up, both games are good in their own way, so if you asked someone which was better, you would get a very biased answer, because whichever game you think is better is based your preferences and play style.

So if you want an answer to that question, you’ll just have to play both see which one you like more.