“Love, Simon”: Likeable and Interesting

For the most part, Simon Spiers life is completely normal. He has the perfect parents, an aspiring cook for a sister, a cute dog and the most amazing friends. But, he has the burden of hiding an enormous secret: no one knows that he is gay.  

In the new movie Love, Simon you are transported into the life of Simon Spiers, a closeted gay teen.

“The movie was really good. They didn’t make it into a cheesy high school movie, they actually made it really similar to a real high school,” said Sophomore Savanna Horton.

The movie is definitely not cliche like most high school movies. They really made sure to make it just how an actual high school would look and how high school students act. This played a big part in making the movie more likeable and interesting.

“The movie doesn’t just touch on the aspect of accepting gays, it also touches on the use of social media in schools and how sometimes it is used negatively,” said Horton.

The aspect of social media in this film also is a big contributor to making the movie relatable. Almost every teen has some sort of social media and doesn’t use it appropriately. Simon, as well as real life teens, are directly affected by the use of social media.

“The movie had a very powerful message. It teaches those of us who are not in that situation the struggles that can be caused by others. It definitely is very important to see because I know I don’t want to be treated like that so I wouldn’t want to treat someone else like that,”  said Sophomore Alanna Ziegler.

Nick Robinson, who plays Simon Spiers, did an incredible job of showing the development and progression of his character.

“I thought Nick did an incredible job. Every character he plays he gets them spot on. I love his movies,” said Sophomore Taliyah Esters.

Robinson has definitely proved that he is an A-plus actor with this movie, along with the other movies he has done.

The other characters were also done really well. I enjoyed watching the relationship between all the characters.

“The characters were really well developed. They always seemed to be changing and progressing as the movie went along. It made them more relatable and gave the story more depth,” said Ziegler.

The friendships between the characters were also a lot similar to friendships that I, and other teens at Dimond, have. All of the friends are crazy close, drink lots of coffee and stay up late talking about irrelevant things.

“My friends and I are the exact same way. We all drink lots of coffee and talk about really dumb things. I think that is another reason why I like the movie so much. I felt a personal connection. And, the friends, towards the end, are so supportive and loving of Simon. I definitely think that my friends would be the same way if I were in the situation,”  said Horton.

I would hope that the students of Dimond High would be supportive of kids that want to come out.

“I hope our school would be so open and be supportive to whoever it was. I believe we would be but you never know how kids will react,” said Esters.

Our school is very open and respectful and I believe in this circumstance they would be as well. I am so grateful to go to a school with such amazing teachers and students.

I would recommend this movie just because how relevant it is in this time period and how great of a job they did in making it.

“Yeah, people should really check it out. It’s worth watching for sure,” said Ziegler.

So, if you have no plans this weekend head to the theaters and watch. It won’t be a waste.