How Thanos Got It Right

What’s the hardest decision you’ve ever made? What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do, or felt you needed to do?

I think we’ve all seen “Infinity War” at this point. And the most surprising part of the movie for me, was the depth of the character Thanos.

If you haven’t seen the movie by now, stop reading as this will ruin the final scene of the movie.

The gist of it is, Thanos, a marvel character and consummate villain, kills off half of the Marvel universe’s heroes and its population as a whole.

He does, however, in a cold, heartless way, trying to save all the people he kills. He was convinced that he is doing the right thing.

Davren Seagle, a Dimond high Senior and employee at Regal Cinema, said, “Cold and heartless, yes. I support him fully if we’re talking cold heartless.”

He is trying to stop the universe from eventually starving, as he had seen on his own home planet. He kills so others could live.

That’s not to say that what he did is good. It is in fact the most dastardly and all out evil thing ever done in a Marvel movie.

Still, I think Thanos is an incredibly complex character. He kills the one being in the universe he loves, so as to gain the power to “save” the universe from eventually consuming itself.

We see things like this often in human history. We tend to take drastic action in order to, from our point of view, save more people in the future.

Dimond World History and AP Psychology teacher Michelle Anderson said, “The first example that comes to mind for me is the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan.

“The United States had this new weapon that they was going to be incredibly destructive, they didn’t know how destructive, but they had to make a choice. Do we kill hundreds of thousands of Japanese people or do we have a war that goes on for months and kills hundreds of thousands of American people? And so they decided to do that difficult decision of dropping the bomb twice.”

The swerve in course for the movie differentiates from other Marvel movies and definitely adds some new spice to the movie, but why would and they change from the tried and true formula, and what do you call having a film’s main characters being killed off?

Dimond Honors Language Arts and Film teacher Marcus Reese said, “I don’t think there’s a specific style associated with that. I think that when you have characters that engage characters emotions, when the audience has a connection with these characters. Then the writing kills them off, that’s a risk.

“However, a lot of times in TV shows you can see that that can set a tone a tone for the whole show. Early on in the show The Walking Dead the audience didn’t know if characters’ were going to make it or not, and that added to a sense of tension.”

The massive change of pace in the newest Marvel movie left many fans stunned.

Seagle said, “[People] were shocked I would say especially people who were into the whole Avengers thing.

“Most movies are like, ‘Oh, bad guys going to lose,’ but then the bad guy kills half the people and a lot of the main superheroes die.”

However, when you think about the logic of Thanos’s choice, you run into a mental roadblock. Think about it, was his decision truly evil or just harsh?

Some Marvel fans seem to agree with this line of thinking.

Noah Kim, a Dimond High sophomore who watched the film, said, “That was a brutal ending.”

However, after  Thanos explained how his world was destroyed and eventually how the universe will run out of resources, many fans decided it was a decent course of action.

Kim said, “ I mean yes [Thanos was doing the right thing], but it was pretty cruel way of doing it.”

The theme of tough but true seems to continue through reviews of the movie, though some fans seemed slightly on the fence about the topic.

Seagle said, “See, that’s a tough question. From a person who loves the earth and thinks it’s being overpopulated, yes. From a human [standpoint], no.”

A monstrous decision, that seems to be pure evil. But was it for the good of the people residing in that particular movie?

That’s up to the watcher, and to truly understand the meaning behind this article, you must watch the movie in its entirety.

It’s an excellent movie, and because of character depth in those such as Thanos, it will become a classic movie to watch.