Jack Ryan Books Move to TV

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan books, a best-selling book series, is now moving into the fantastic world of television.

The new T.V. series Jack Ryan follows the protagonist of Clancy’s enigmatic series through terrorist plots and maniac plans of rogue military leaders.

Gracie Hoosier, Dimond sophomore and manager of the Dimond school yearbook said, “I actually thought [Jack Ryan] was really interesting, thought it was super cool. But I watched it because it had John Krasinski in it.”

However, not everyone is happy with the interpratation of Clancy’s books.

Eric Franklin, th father of a Dimond sophomore and reader of Clancy’s popular book series said, “Obviously [producers] had to depart from the storyline”, and in the case of the book series plot, he said, “They definetly didn’t depend on it.”

The show itself will need to tread carefully in its early days, as an audience’s first impressions usually define how long a show will run . It will need to continually produce episodes and keep quality control under a close watch.

John Krasinski is well known for his role on the long-running American version of “The Office.” Krasinski has branched out since the shows finale, directing the recent thriller, “A Quiet Place.”

Hoosier said, “ I did start it because I like ‘The Office’ and John Krasinski is the Office guy. So, that’s where I was kind of like, ‘Okay, I need to watch this.”

           Krazynski’s recent branching out into cinematics is a massive swing from his past, which was dominated by episodic works that defined his early career.

          “Jack Ryan” will also be a change in running time for Krasinski, as his last episodic television show was shorter by ten minutes then his current acting role.

Timothy Kane, a Dimond sophomore and frequent watcher of “The Office” said,“ I think it’s a great opportunity for him, he’s an outstanding actor and I think he should go into film a lot more often.”

           The swift change from a smaller stage like “The Office” may affect the way any actor can act on stage. This could easily happen to Krasinski.

            Kane says, “I don’t think [he’ll change]. He can play a lot of characters.

            “I think he just can go into any character.”

             One of “The Office’s” claims to fame is its long running time, spanning eight years and nine seasons. But unlike many other established shows, will Jack Ryan in its infancy survive and thrive?

            Kane said, “ I hope so. I think [Krazynski] can go as long as he can like he did with ‘The Office’.

            “That show lasted a long time, and I think he can go a long way with [Jack Ryan] as well, it has a lot of potential.”

Hoosier said, “I think [each episode] is forty minutes.”

Hoosier continued by saying, “I think because there’s so many episodes that it does give you enough time for the action, because it’s not like there’s one action and it’s over, it’s constant action.

Clancy’s books themselves follow a tangible structure that guide how many of the books are put together.

Franklin said, “It’s a classic good versus evil, Clancy’s books follow a formula” and that, “[The TV show] is a complete departure from the Jack Ryan story.”

The show itself can have validity, even if it does not follow the Jack Ryan story.

Franklin said that viewers could enjoy, “I think if you didn’t know anything about Jack Ryan.”

The Jack Ryan from the books is an ex-Navy seal turned CIA. analyist after an injury to his back ends his career in the armed forces.

Franklin said, “This latest main character is way to eager to get in the middle of everything. Clancy’s Jack Ryan is a hesitant main character.”

Franklin also said, “I think you cheer for Jack Ryan because he’s a reluctant hero.”

When it all comes down to it, “Jack Ryan”, opinions seem divided. While it is a departure from script and takes the books somewhat out of context, it still holds a promising future from a leading actor with plenty of talent to keep the show alive.