“Ten Red Kings” Focuses on Online Addictions

“Ten Red Kings,” a play written by Mark Rigney, will be performed at Dimond High School Oct 10, 11 and 12.

The play follows a group of young adults who are at a camp for their online addictions (gaming,betting or social media).

One of these characters is Margo Cates, who got addicted to World of Warcraft to try and escape her sadness after her sister died.

Angie Felland, a sophmore, was cast as Margot, who is a lead character.

This play is different for Felland because she was cast as one of the lead characters.

Felland said, “For me because I have one of the leads it’s is going to be more intense and more challenging.”

Carrie Smith, the registrar at Dimond High School, has been directing Dimond Night Live since 2006 and in 2016 became the theatre director for all productions, which means she will also be directing “Ten Red Kings.”

This play is different from any other play that we have seen at Dimond.

Smith said, “The theme of online addiction is being addressed, which I believe is pertinent to society today.”

There will also be a lot of actors that we have not seen in a Dimond production or that we have seen but this is their first show as a student at Dimond. Among these is Sycely Wheeles.

Wheeles, a freshman, was cast as Courtney Cates, who is the deceased sister of Margot. 

Wheeles said, “Courtney loves to dance and party. She’s invested in always being there for Margot but is a bit distracted with her social life since being dead,”

As the play goes on, the online characters join the real world and try to stop their real-life counterparts from getting better.

An example of an online character is Varleigh, who is being played by Aiden King, a senior.

This will be a different show for King because this is the first show in his senior year, so now he is one of the oldest actors and gets to help the people who are new to theatre act.

King’s character is a character from World of Warcraft who he describes as excitable and nerdy.

In the many years that Dimond theatre has existed, there has not been a show performed that is quite like this one.

Smith said,“The theme of online addiction is being addressed which I believe is pertinent to society today,”

Smith said, “you get a sense of understanding.”

In society now it does seem that everyone now has a phone and they are always on it. Whether they are playing games, watching videos, reading, texting or on social media it does seem that everyone is addicted to at least one of these things because you always see people on their phones.

Wheeles also believes that it’s different to any play that she has been in. 

Wheeles said, “The characters have many different backstories but somehow find things to bring them together. With a small cast it gives time to really know the characters.”

Some words that the director and actors have used to describe this show are relevant, shocking, unique, informative, serious, fun and immersive.

According to the actors, this is a show for everybody because it talks about something that we all know and some, or most, of us might deal with.

Felland said, “I feel like everyone would enjoy it if they like theatre in general.”