Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Combines Two Games

The new game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order takes place after Emperor Palpatine initiates Order 66. Order 66 is the order that told the clone troopers were to assassinate all the Jedi on the rebels side.

The Jedi who you play as is named Cal. This Jedi is the only survivor of Anakin Skywalker’s attack on the Jedi temple.

When this attack happened, Cal was just a little boy. Cal sworn to bring balance to the force like Yoda had done.

Yoda was the one who trained Cal when he was young. Yoda had a big impact on Cal since Cal was semi-force sensitive. 

Now this new game is a combination of Sekiro and Dark Souls.

Dimond Junior James Brocales said, “The way they combined the two games is really amazing but the game is so hard playing on the hardest difficulty.”

Star Wars the Fallen Order is a game that requires a lot of skills just to even beat the game. The company that made the new game was EA.

EA has a bad record of making bad games like Anthem and BattleFront II. Many fans were not happy that EA was making this game only because they didn’t want them to ruin the Star Wars name like they have done before.

Cal is a Jedi that uses both the light and dark side of the force. The reason why people say this on a fan page is because Cal has the ability to slow down objects. 

Dimond Junior Brook Coonrad said, “ I don’t really like Cal I know he survived order 66 but I just don’t like how he can use both sides of the force it’s just not that great in my opinion. Star Wars should only focus on Cal using the light side of the force since he was trained by Master Yoda when he was young.” 

Cal is a Jedi whose his main goal is to defeat the dark side of the force because that is what he is trained to do. A Junior that used to go to dimond ,Jeremiah Delgato, said, “ I hate Cal so much he is the worst Jedi that was ever created, he isn’t even that powerful. He is not as strong as Anakin Skywalker and Anakin is Darth Vadar. 

“I also don’t get how his saber style even works, his attacks are not powerful at all, He can’t even swing a lightsaber at all.”

Junior Apryl Cardwell said, “ I don’t even like Star Wars so I don’t even know how many there are or how many games they have made. I don’t think I want to even play the game to begin with just because I think it will be a waste of my time.” 

EA has tried to make a good Star Wars game because they want to redeem themselves because of how bad BattleFront II is and how the rating it got when it first came out. 

Many fans were disappointed in the Star Wars games that EA made because they were really bad and the game play was really trash along with the combat and ability cards. A lot of fans wanted to refunds on the games they bought from EA in the Star Wars genre. 

Many of the fans said that they wanted to delete the game because they were disappointed in the release along with how it was delayed. Cal is going to try and defeat the dark side by himself since almost all of the Jedis are dead and he wants to become the best Jedi that ever lived.