“Frozen Two” Is Improvement Over Last Installment

As the winter season continues , the buzz around the new “Frozen Two” movie still hypes up even if it was released in late November of last year.

Most people who have seen the movie will agree that the movie was really good and a drastic improvement from the last installment.

Sophomore Jordan Flatt said, “I liked it a lot because it seemed a lot more thought out, fleshed out and seemed like more effort was put into it compared to the first one.”

Most people went in to watch the movie were excited but were not expecting it to be a top-notch quality movie compared to the rest of Disney’s movies, or to improve on the first movie.

Sydney Jolin, a sophomore at Dimond, said, “I didn’t expect much, the first movie is actually really good and I did not know how Disney was going to top that movie with this new installment.”

“Frozen Two” was very memorable because of improvements in the animation quality, character developments and creation and a more fleshed-out plot. 

Cyrus Thompson, a sophomore, said, “It was a pretty good movie overall and much better than the first one. The characteristics and character development were much better, the animation was very much improved and the direction of where the movie was heading a lot more better than the first one.”

One featured part of the improved animation was with Kristoff’s solo song about halfway through the movie. 

Jolin said, “Kristoff has this amazing song, but the way the animators drew it was like this cheesy early 2000s boy band love song, and it’s by far one of my favorite parts of the movie.”

As for character development, some students would agree that Olaf has matured from between the first and second movies. 

A sophomore at Dimond, Annemarie Van Couwenberghe, said, “Olaf definitely had some character development compared to the other characters whose development was a bit more static. Olaf rationalized his fear and being afraid with the philosophy that ‘this will make sense when I’m older’ and pushed all of his problems off to the side for the entire movie.”

Some people are also fond of the little fire spirit that is featured as a lizard.

Van Couwenberghe said, “The fire spirit is by far my favorite character because his character was so adorable and I really wish I had him as a pet because he is just so cute.”

The songs from the first and second movie were also drastically improved. 

People much prefer the songs from the second movie other than the first.

Flatt said, “The second movie’s song was much better and extremely improved than the first. They were more thought and every word had a meaning. 

“The introduction chant from the first movie didn’t have any placement but was later incorporated into the second movie to actually have some meaning.”

Jolin said, “ ‘Into the Unknown’ sounds like it was written for all audiences. It’s a song about accepting who you are and that sort of idea. 

“I personally think Kristoff’s song ‘Lost in the Woods’ was the best song. It’s just so cheesy and that’s why I love it so much.”

Overall, people would love to see Disney turn this successful franchise into a trilogy.

Van Couwenberghe said, “I want another movie because they set it up for another movie at the end but I have no clue what they would really do with the plot of a third movie.”