“Cats” the Movie Is Not Living Up to Broadway Version

“Cats” is an award-winning Broadway musical, but the movie that was released Dec. 20 of 2019 is not getting the same treatment as the stage musical.

The stage production of “Cats” has won many kinds of awards like Tony awards and Grammy awards, so when it was announced that there was going to be a movie adaption of the critically acclaimed musical, thespians were intrigued.

But, as you can tell from most of the ratings, “Cats” the movie adaption is not living up to its predecessor at all.

“Cats” has gotten some pretty bad ratings. For example, Rotten Tomatoes gave “Cats” a 21 percent rating. That is not the worst rating that they have gotten, but it is still not one that you want to have when you are following in the footsteps of an award-winning musical.

Maeve Willenbrink, a sophomore at Dimond High School, likes musicals and even participates in theatre when she gets a chance, but she in no way wants to see this movie.

“The soundtrack in the movie sounds good, but I don’t think the movie even compares to the stage production,” says Willenbrink.

According to the students at Dimond High School, this movie is so bad that they do not ever want to see it, not even in a joking manner.

“I am absolutely not planning on seeing the movie, it looks terrifying…I have seen the trailer and I don’t like the part where the cats were acting sexual, that gave me some weird vibes,” Willenbrink said.

Willenbrink was also weirded out by the CGI, like many people were.

“I also do not like the way the cats are edited to look like people, and I just don’t think it captured the magnificence of the actual musical,” says Willenbrink.

In the stage production of “Cats” they could not use CGI, so they used makeup and costumes to make the actors look more like cats. Willenbrink thinks that if the movie adaptation had used makeup and costumes instead of CGI then maybe the movie would not have done as badly as it did.

Willenbrink does not think that this movie can even try to live up to the stage production.

“I have seen clips of the stage production of ‘Cats’ and listened to the soundtrack. I really enjoy the musical and from what I’ve heard it’s amazing,” says Willenbrink.

Emily Macrae, a junior at Dimond, has seen the trailer, but has absolutely no interest in seeing the movie.

“I don’t really watch movies that much and the prosthetics of the animals kind of concerned me,” says Macrae.

The students of Dimond High School really are not interested in seeing the movie, whether it is because they do not like musicals or because they do not like the look of the cats in the movie.

Kristy Eide, a sophomore at Dimond, only saw the trailer, but after watching the trailer she knows that she does not want to see the movie.

“It was creepy. People were crawling around on the floor,” says Eide.

Eide, like most people, said that she would never recommend this movie to anyone.

Sage Szymanski, a sophomore at Dimond, has not seen the movie and does not plan on ever watching the movie.

“I didn’t like the trailer, it was really weird. I would never recommend this movie to people because I would never wish that tragedy on to anyone,” says Szymanski.

“I would definitely not recommend the movie “Cats” to anyone, unless I’m playing a cruel prank on them,” says Willenbrink.