Disney Plus Is Next Big Thing for Fans

The next big streaming service has arrived for Disney fans everywhere. Disney Plus is the next big thing for those who are true fans of the franchise. 

Disney Plus was aggressively advertised and an abundance of people had high hopes for how good the service is going to be. 

Dimond Senior Deborah Banse said,“I love Disney movies so much and when I heard that they were putting out a streaming service specifically for Disney I was ecstatic.” 

Disney Plus includes Disney films, Disney animation, Disney Channel Originals, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic.

“I am super into Star Wars and Marvel so I was happy to see that I could find them all in one place, said King Career Center Senior Jazel Ramos-Rice. 

It truly is a one-stop shop for whatever you are in the mood for watching. 

 “There’s so many options. If you’re feeling Star Wars you can watch it. If you’re feeling old Disney or Disney Princesses you can watch it. Even Marvel is on there. It is truly awesome,” said Dimond Junior Emily Taylor. 

According to Variety Disney had over 10 million sign ups since their launch on November 12, 2019. 

“I use my friend’s account since my mom did not want to purchase it. It works just as well and I just watch it through my phone,” said Dimond Sophomore Emily Taylor. 

It is super easy to use for people. You can watch on your phone, Xbox, Playstation, Alexa Fire and many other systems that collaborate with streaming services. 

“I just downloaded the app on my Xbox and watch through that. It is really simple and I enjoy watching all my favorite shows from when I was younger,” said Dimond Senior Aidan Caldarera. 

Many are happy with the service due to the fact that they used to watch many of the shows that are now on the app when they were younger. I am super happy with the service since WIzards of Waverly Place is on there as well as many of the Disney movies that my sister and I used to watch. 

Bane said, ̈I love the fact that I can watch any of the shows that I watched with my mom like Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, Lab Rats and a lot more. It is so cool that you can find all of it in one place.” 

The app is not just fun for kids but for adults too. Many adults are pleased with the app and the shows it provides. 

Ramos-Rice said ̈ My dad was stoked. We are huge Marvel and Star Wars fans and the new Star Wars show Madalorian is on there and he loves it. The only thing is it is not like Netflix, a new episode comes out every week like on regular TV.” 

Disney Plus is different then other streaming sites with their new TV shows. Instead of releasing the whole season at once they release a new episode weekly just like cable TV does. 

Taylor said, “Supposedly other streaming sites are going to start doing that which, I hope not because I like being able to watch the whole season instead of waiting. That was one of the main reasons why we changed to streaming services instead of cable.”

Tons of families have switched to just streaming services because it is simpler, no commercials and you can watch everything at once instead of waiting. It seems there is going to be a big upheaval if streaming services change the way they release content.

Banse said, “Yeah I will be unhappy with that because I enjoy not having to wait to watch shows and I can do it in my own time. I really hope that does not happen.” 

Even though there is one flaw in the app it seems that the majority are very pleased with Disney Plus and it deserves all the hype it is receiving.