Mandalorian: Season Recap

*Warning, story ahead may contain spoilers for the first season of “The Mandalorian”, up to and including the season finale.*

Over the last few months, the Star Wars universe T.V. show “The Mandalorian” has taken the world by storm.

The popular series centered around the titular hero, “The Mandalorian,”  and his adventures with a small, green alien child, called Baby Yoda by fans.

The show released its final episode of its first season on Dec. 27. The second season is rumored to be released sometime in mid-November. 

For many fans such as Dimond mathematics teacher Joshua Hall, the season finale of “The Mandalorian” was a big success

Hall said, “I was pleasantly surprised. I thought they were going to make it more of a cliffhanger, I thought they were going to put them in serious peril and then leave it there, and so I liked that they kind of wrapped it up. 

“Clearly, it´s an ongoing story still but I like that they closed some things down.”

However, Hall wasn’t completely happy with some parts of “The Mandalorian” storyline. 

Hall said, “One of my complaints is that I think Disney has sort of simplified the story a little bit too much, and so I think that was still there.”

However, Hall still enjoyed the finale overall, and is very hopeful for next season.

Hall said, “Clearly, there are still possibilities to explore.”

Other watchers of the final episode responded in very positive ways, as well.

Konnor Machado, a Dimond senior who watched and enjoyed “The Mandalorian” season finale, said, “I thought it was amazing. It was good, definitely left a lot of cliffhangers at the end.

“It was nice to wrap up some of the other characters like Cara Dune. It was kind of sad to see the robot go from random bounty hunter to caring droid to self destructing at the end.”

Machado was also hopeful for “The Mandalorian” to continue its well received work with further seasons.

Machado said, “With the way [Disney’s] going, how they’re making the classic kind of western space adventures, they definitely have a lot of places to go. The Star Wars galaxy is a big place, even if they did write off a bunch of Star Wars expanded universe stuff.

“They’ve got a lot of places to go, whether they wrap it into some big overarching story or it just becomes this continuation of these random adventures of the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda. They’ve still got places to go.”

Other fans of the series, such as Dimond Junior Hazel Stuart, were happy with the character development of the series’ main character.

Stuart said, “Each episode gave a certain story that connected to the main point, but gave an aspect [the Mandalorian’s] character. 

“I thought the show in its entirety was smooth and didn’t have any mistakes. In the end it gave information on background information about the Mandalorian even without other shows [as context].”

One of the oddities of the show’s end was how the Disney Corporation didn’t market toys for the character Baby Yoda, called “The Child” officially by Disney. 

The show came out shortly before Black Friday, the top time of the year to market toys to the United States.

However, Disney did not market Baby Yoda toys to the public, when at the time it would certainly have made the company a large amount of money.

“I think they will, I think they wanted to let the story develop and let it organically happen. I think it’s maybe way bigger than it would have been if they had to try to market Baby Yoda toys beforehand with a presale.

“Whereas, when you think of the Baby Yoda phenomenon is pretty much organic in how it happened, through social media and memes and all that sort of thing.”