Mandalorian Has Dimond Fans

“The Mandalorian” is a television show based off of “Star Wars” and its story line. 

The first episode of the sci-fi TV show was released in 2019. 

As the cast puts Pedro Pascal as the main character and the director is Jon Favreau.

“The Mandalorian” consists of only one season that came out last year with Disney Plus that just opened along with it. 

There is also a season 2 coming out this year for everyone who subscribed to Disney Plus or for people who watch other TV services. 

This show has a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5.0 and has at least 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. 

In this story, the events in “The Mandalorian” have at least been after “Star Wars” and into a new time more into the future. 

A character by the name of Mandalorian or “Mando” is a bounty hunter finds another character in the show similar to Yoda, a “Star Wars” character. 

As they start the first episode, Mando is in a group or clan that consists of people with armor exactly like his but as a part of their clan they have to earn this special metal. 

This special metal is called “Beskar.” It is a fictional item in “Star Wars,” a metal so strong that only powerful people can contain it. 

Mando is obsessed with Beskar as bounties help him achieve Beskar.

As he goes on for bounties to satisfy what he wants he comes across this larger bounty given by former imperials. 

Imperials used to be the bad guys and still are in the “Star Wars” original shows as they conquer to expand. 

They make destructive weapons such as the “Death Star” and one of their objectives is to eliminate the rebellion, which are the good guys. 

Mando comes across the large bounty, which has a larger reward but at a difficult cost. 

He is left clueless with what to do yet he still accepts the bounty offer. 

As he travels around finding information he comes across a little creature named Kuiil to help him find information about Mando’s bounty. 

He ends up at a hidden base with enemy rebels with a lot of loot. He also found what he was looking for in the vault.

 As he goes to the base a robot by the name of IG-11 comes into play, guns blazing and  shooting at every enemy there was in the base. 

The robot has the same bounty as Mando so Mando decides to help the robot in killing the enemies as more come from behind them both.

They do not have a code to open the vault so they become smarter using a destructive weapon to bring down the vault. 

As they bring down the vault Mando and IG-11 find what they were looking for which is to kill what is inside the pod that they found. 

What is in the pod is a creature mentioned in the beginning of this story as another Yoda.

 IG-11 pointed its gun at the creature. Mando becomes quick and shoots IG-11 in the back of its head.

 Instead of killing the creature, Mando returns it to the people in exchange for Beskar. 

He then forges the Beskar to improve his armor as he returns to the base, kills everyone in the base and gets the creature back. 

Mostly this season he protects the creature with his life making new friends along the way. 

People have been talking about how season 2 will be a good one. As they ended the season with the mandalorian finally wearing a mask revealing the actor “Pedro Pascal ”.

 Season 2 will have much more conflict as an old archenemy pulls out a sacred lightsaber or a sword and says a quote that ends their story. 

Dimond Senior Isaac Celario said, “ This TV show is summarized of a bounty hunter who kills to protect a creature.

Dimond Senior Bryan Rousell said, “‘The Mandalorian’  is very intense and has a lot of action.”