Students Remember Favorite Holiday Movies


  • “The Polar Express”(G)

A book turned movie, “The Polar Express” is about a young doubtful boy who takes an extraordinary train ride on Christmas Eve. 

This train is filled with many other children who are all on an adventure that will help them find themselves.

  The adventurous Christmas movie stars Tom Hanks as the train conductor, father, hobo, scrooge and Santa Claus. 

Also Daryl Sabara who played Juni Cortez in the “Spy Kids” films as the hero boy. 

  • “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” (Jim Carrey Version) (PG)

The classic Dr. Suess’ story turned live-action movie is about a heartless old Grinch who loathes Christmas. 

When Cindy Lou Who tries to spread Christmas joy to him, she only makes him hate Christmas more.

Jim Carrey who plays the Grinch decides to take away Christmas from all who live in Whoville.

Dimond Senior Haylie Hansen said, “I used to actually be terrified of him. I would have nightmares about the Grinch every time I tried to sleep. Then when I was around 10 years old it became my favorite movie ever. So now I watch it every year and could recite the whole movie from word to word.”

  • “A Christmas Story” (PG)

“A Christmas Story” is the story of little Ralphie and his mission to get the toy he want

most for Christmas, a Red Ryder toy air rifle.

He is discouraged by his cranky father and protective mother who constantly tell him he will end up shooting his eye out. 

Practically everyone is telling him that inevitably he will end up shooting his eye out, his parents, teacher and even Santa himself.

This is a good old Christmas movie that everyone in the family will love.

  • “Elf” (PG)

Buddy the elf feels like he does not fit in with the rest of the elves in the North Pole, for one he is freakishly tall and cannot make toys as fast.

After years and years of Santa and his helpers keeping secrets from Buddy he soon finds out he was not an elf and was not from the North Pole at all, but from New York.

With this new information Buddy decides to embark on a journey home to find his father in hope that they will become a happy family. 

This Jon Favreau film stars Will Ferrell, Zooey Deschanel and Peter Dinkerlage 

  • “Home Alone” (PG)

Young Macaulay Culkin stars as Kevin Mccallaster, the mischievous eight-year-old who

acts out the night before his big family trip and is sent to sleep in the attic missing the flight the next morning.

When he notices looters in his neighborhood he takes precautions to protect his house.

“Home Alone” became a five movie adaptation, two starring Culkin.

Dimond Junior Claudia Garcia said, “Home Alone used to make me paranoid, because my sister Sonya and I were left home alone quite a lot especially after my brothers went to college. It is also the same reason for why I like Christmas movies. My dad actually liked watching it with us so it was a really popular movie at my house.”

  • “The Santa Clause” (PG)

When Scott Calvin, played by Tim Allen, and his son Charlie run into a man dressed in a 

Santa suit they accidentally make him fall off a roof essentially killing him.

The man has vanished and all that is left is his suit, they end up getting transported to the North Pole where a trusty elf informs them that Calvin must become Santa Clause.

Scott does not believe in any of it, but slowly experiences physical changes that resemble a certain Saint.

  • “Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas” (G)

In the 1999 “Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas”, three Christmas stories are highlighted.

Donald Duck’s story “Stuck On Christmas”  is a play on Scrooge.

“A Very Goofy Christmas” is Goofy’s story where he tries to make his son believe in santa

like he does.

Mickey stars in “Mickey and Minnie’s Gift of the Magi” where they show us the more giving side of Christmas.

This film is for the younger audience, but will be reminiscent for some of us teenagers.

  • “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (PG)

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a family holiday movie that follows Jack Skellington the pumpkin king.

Skellington becomes bored with the idea of Halloween and needs a change.

He accidentally stumbles into the Christmas realm and makes a plan to take over Christmas.

Dimond Senior Lydia Parks said, “I enjoy ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas,’ because it combines my two favorite holidays. Every year on the first day of snow as long as I could remember, my brothers and I have watched that movie.”

  • “Arthur’s Christmas” (PG)

Arthur is Santa’s youngest son who absolutely loves Christmas.

Everyone knows Santa has to travel around the world to deliver gifts to all the girls and boys in the world.

But when one gift is forgotten, Arthur makes it his mission to deliver it to the girl before Christmas morning so she still believes in Santa Claus.

  • “Unaccompanied Minors” (PG) 

A group of teenagers are flying as unaccompanied minors are stuck in an airport during a storm that delays all flights on Christmas Eve.

They decide to have fun and create chaos to mess with the head of passenger relations while trying to bring the Christmas spirit to all stranded at the airport.

This film stars Tyler James Williams from “Everybody Hates Chris”, Wilmer Valderrama from “That 70’s Show” and Paget Brewster from “Criminal Minds”.