Students Find “Moxie” Empowering

Actress, comedian, writer and producer Amy Poehlor directed the book turned Netflix original movie “Moxie”. 

Moxie is a word used to describe courageous spirit and determination.

The story takes place in Oregon at Rockport High, where many social issues take place.

Vivian, played by Hadley Robinson, notices the amount of sexism recurring throughout her high school. 

There is a double standard when it comes to the boys and girls at school. 

The male athletes are given more recognition than the girls, dress code violations aren’t equally enacted on all students, and the predatory behavior the boys display towards females are not taken as serious due to biases.

Dimond Senior Vallery Donis said, “I think it is important for everyone to watch this movie because it shows what women have to deal with at a young age and it really does educate you on the things we go through in life and how it affects us,”

After a list created by the school jocks pops up around the school rating girls by a list of inappropriate and embarrassing superlatives, Vivian takes it into her hands by making a zine for girls calling out sexism.

A zine is a magazine self-published using texts and images by a person or small group as a platform of expression to be heard.

She was inspired by her mother’s rebellious teenage years of smashing the patriarchy. The zine called out specific boys and some of the problems in the school that were pinned against the girls.

Stella Kvidera, a senior at Dimond High, said, “It was empowering to see a movie where someone was actually doing something about issues and things I have personally experienced,”

The men in the film are not all antagonists. Nico Hiraga, who plays Seth, supports and helps Vivian grow throughout the movie instead of pushing her back.

There is also John, Vivian’s mom’s colleague, played by Clark Gregg. Gregg is known for his Marvel work as agent Phil Coulson.

Another actor playing a supportive male in the film is Ike Barinholtz, who plays Vivian’s English teacher.

The movie highlights the coming of age issues people all deal with at some point in life.

It also focuses on the decision some of us have to make to either stay quiet and sit back or to stand tall for what we believe in.

“I think it is an important movie because it shows us (girls) that we should stand up for ourselves more,” Kvidera said.

It also has a diverse representation of women. There are women of different color, backgrounds, disabilities and transgender women. 

“I really enjoyed this movie because it touches on subjects the society usually likes to mute or just doesn’t like to touch bases on,” Donis said.

“I think there will be a long term impact from this movie, especially motivating more people to speak up and do something,” Kvidera said.

This coming of age film is not just for the activists out there, but for all types of audiences: those who are all about feminism, people who want a good laugh and teenagers who want to feel a sense of feeling seen.