Album Review: TEMPTATION

Have you ever fallen into temptation, and given into that bittersweetness?

The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION by TOMORROW X TOGETHER came out on the 27th of January, 2023. The album features 5 songs and has a running time of 14 minutes and 26 seconds. After checking my Spotify and giving the album a shot, I was surprised by the lingering feeling it left with me. “Devil by the Window ” is so far my favorite song. Besides it being the only fully English song on the album it was the first song I listened to, I felt an immediate sense of tension but a good kind. The song is slow, and it’s low making it good to listen to during calming activities like reading, writing, and others. Soobin, the leader of TXT has mentioned how easily we can fall into temptation, and how you can be seduced by the sweetness of instant gratification. The song also feels kind of light but has a dark gazing trance, it honestly could make you think all of your movements were 60 frames per second. and another song I enjoyed was “Tinnitus (Wanna be a rock).” This song also features an upbeat track, but it’s also slow and hedonistic in a way that can be enjoyed any way it’s perceived. This song feels so tropical and foreign. The title track “Sugar Rush Ride” feels like a mixture of the two previously mentioned songs “Devil by the Window” and “Tinnitus (Wanna be a rock),” it’s a bit dark on the chorus but it’s still very light, sweet like candy I would say. It’s also very strong and fun to just vibe with.

The title track “Sugar Rush Ride ” so far has caught almost all the other Netizens’ attention. The song is a nice balance of upbeat and relaxing, it also comes off as a bit sensual but a lot of viewers decided to overlook that fact to keep the passive Idol image. When calling the TXT Sugar line, Yeonjun provides a bit of information about “Sugar Rush Ride,” telling the caller that his team worked incredibly hard on the album and that they’re happy to present it to Netizens. Passion was shown throughout this entire album and if you listen to the lyrics enough, I’m sure you’ll hear it just as I did, each song represents a kind of love and passion. Thus naming the album temptation, I don’t have anything bad to say about the album itself, it’s so peaceful and smooth. Listening to making the whole experience so different, the choreography, and their voices create this nice balance of I want you, I need you and this is us, we stand here as lovers. You can tell they took their time. After Good Boy Gone Bad came out on May 9th, 2022, fans were excited to see what TXT would come up next, no one was expecting anything like this. So many guesses were thrown around after the concept photos were released that no one could agree on anything and when they did they still weren’t really sure themselves. It’s sort of difficult for me to explain but it’s a bit stone aged themed but more carefree and wild.