Exchange Students Experience Dimond

Being the “new kid” is bad enough, but being the new kid in a whole different country has to be quite the endeavor. Exchange students may be pretty scared and nervous. But at the same time, they are really excited to be in a new country, surroundings, home and school for a school year. Almost everything would be different. There are never really exact dates, but students stay with host families for a school year and part of the summer. You’ll either be familiar with the country’s language, or you will definitely learn it. One would imagine that you would learn a whole new world from your own. I interviewed Nele Boskamp, and she is from Germany. She is going to school here at Dimond High. I asked her a variety of questions, along the lines of; How do you like Anchorage, Alaska so far?, How are all your classes going?, How are your teachers?, What’s your host family like?, Have you gone to the mall, or the zoo, or anything fun you enjoyed?, Is everyone being nice and are you making friends? Boskamp answered most of those questions positively. She said everything is a nice change, it’s all very different for her. One thing Boskamp said about her classes is, “U.S. history is kind of hard, since I don’t know anything from here.” I agree with that, I would be a little lost too if I was an exchange student in a class all about the country I was in. But she said everything is going nice, it’s not too hard. She’s enjoying it here, and happy to be in Alaska. I also interviewed Leticia Brustolin, and she is from Brazil. I asked her all the same questions. She answered everything very positively as well. Brustolin said the weather is cold, and it’s beautiful out. I asked her if she is looking forward to the snow and Brustolin said, “Yes I am, my winter in Brazil is like the weather right now.” Brustlolin has also said that all her teachers are nice and very helpful, nothing too hard. When I asked her if she’s done anything she’s enjoyed yet, she said she’s been to the mall, the state fair, and she has also hiked Flat Top. Brustolin is enjoying her trip so far. Boskamp and Brustolin have both agreed that it is a difficult time change and it will take some time getting used to. So far they are always tired, and I don’t blame them! Boskamp and Brustolin are both also on the swimming team and they are enjoying that. So being an exchange student would be very different overall, but is an amazing experience no matter where you are. You would learn a new language in every way, see lots and lots of new things, have a new family, make new friends, see a new school, have new foods, and experience many other things. Sounds like a blast!