Gallery Hosts Student Art

Thirty-five students of Dimond High School had their art put up in the Mobile Trailer Supply Art Gallery. “We opened up two weeks before the first Friday ,” said Dimond Art teacher Leslie Matz. Matz chose 50 pieces to hang in the gallery. Some of the Advanced Art students had two pieces and the others had one. Just a few of the many art pieces that were put up in the gallery were “Mr. Money bags” by Advanced Art student Kristina Ashmore and “Ha Eun” by Art 2 student Chang Gi. Advanced Placement art student Devin Ball created a piece titled “Combustion,” one of the many chosen for the gallery. Ball went to the gallery opening and said, “It was interesting to see the different classes together.” Dimond students have never had the opportunity to see their classmate’s work all together in a gallery. “It was set up so that someone who walks in would become acquainted with Dimond’s program,” said Matz. Ball noticed that the youth gallery was right next to the subsistence gallery the majority of the visitors came to see. “People would go see the subsistence gallery and that would promote the other gallery,” Ball said. The MTS Gallery is located in Mountain View and is the newest non-profit gallery in Anchorage. MTS had space below their offices that no one was using, so they used it for the MTS Gallery. There are two galleries in the MTS building. “The main gallery features the work of fairly established artists, and that’s called the Virtual Subsistence gallery,” said Matz. The other gallery is the Youth Art month show. “[It shows] students and emerging artists,” said Matz. Anchorage Daily News Arts editor Mike Dunham was in charge of which schools would put art up at which time. “They used to only let us put up one piece of art per school,” Matz said. Matz said he thought, “It was particularly striking that we have been limited to one piece after we have lost the scholastics show and the woman’s show.” Almost no one participated in either of the shows, so they were canceled. Now each school can sign up for a month to put up their art in the Youth Art month gallery, starting the month on the first Friday. Those who want to go see Dimond’s art this month in MTS Gallery may go to 3142 Mountain View Drive. The business entrance is open during regular hours. “We did a good job. It’s a pretty good show if I do say so myself,” Matz said.