It’s Not the Grade, It’s the Maturity Level

You know when you start out in high school, you’re a freshman, or as the upper classmen would say, “fresh meat”, “freshy”, or “minor niner”. That’s all I’ve heard. But I’m sure there’s more out there. Most eighth graders are pretty apprehensive about first going into high school, being in the lowest grade. I think it’s intimidating for them because some upperclassmen make it that way. The upperclassmen feel obligated to like treat them like they’re inferior. In my opinion, it’s not really about grade or age. I think it’s all about the maturity or immaturity level. I’m not saying all freshmen or other people are immature. I think it’s how different people handle different situations and the environment around them. For example, freshmen can’t help that there are so many of them and not enough room. But it is by choice to be loud, in large groups that block the hallway, do immature actions and say immature things. I’m not sure what other word to use besides immature; it’s not such a great thing. Whenever I walk through the hallways, walk around at lunch or just sit in class, I won’t name names, but I often hear people talk about freshmen. What I mostly hear people say is how crowded they make the hallways, especially theirs. A lot of people seem to be annoyed about that. I hear people say how loud and wild freshmen are when they’re together, and when they’re in large groups. Some people get annoyed about that too. People need to have fun, but it has to go to a certain extent while you’re at school. I think it’s also the conversations that freshmen tend to have and the fact that they shout a lot. Not all of them, but many of them. What some people don’t notice is it’s not just freshmen who do these things; there are many upperclassmen who do stuff like that. And that goes back to my opinion: it’s not the grade, it’s the immaturity/maturity level. So my “advice” not just to freshmen, but to all, since it’s a big high school with more than enough students and teachers, is if you would like to hang out with some friends during, before and after school, or during passing time, then the Commons would be a big enough space, or some classrooms that you are welcomed in.