Dimond’s Style Update

Ever walk around the halls and just people watch? Well, if so you have probably noticed some things coming back into style and out. For instance, more updos and less side bangs. Also, not as many boot cut jeans, but more skinny. Junior Kenzie Lamoreaux made a comment on that remark and said, “I like the flare.” It seems a lot of people are wearing more leggings with a cute tunic and sandals than a graphic-t and jeans; more plaid than solids; more Vans and Chuck Taylor Converse, and less Uggs and Crocs. Junior Patrik White says “[short] shorts are in.” Of course, that goes against the dress code so don’t listen to that fashion tip. Senior Chyna Sanders says “Gray cardigans! Accented with neon colors.” She was sporting one at the time of the interview too. Things that have seemed to become popular are “80s-inspired clothes” Sanders said later in the interview. A more grunge-inspired look with flannels has become popular, even more torn jeans; the bright sunglasses are still popular. People are sporting their natural hair texture more, and go crazy with the makeup. Lamoreaux later said, “You can see purple and green mascara on people. I’d never wear it though.” More baggy t-shirts and baggy shorts than baggy t-shirts and baggy jeans. More afros, hair picks, and scarves. More black sock s than even white. Food Science teacher Franceda Veal stated, “Guys are picking up their pants, and cutting their hair.” When I asked Veal what she thought was popular she also said, “I think people are looking for comfort. People aren’t so colorful, too dark. It’s an emotional issue and a safety issue. You can’t see them from your car.” People who always wear black remain wearing the usual: black. Maybe with a hoodie, t-shirt, skinny jeans and Converse. Only thing is that no one is really wearing dark, heavy eyeliner anymore. Not many Tripp pants are worn, and no more armbands. Senior Krystal Beers said, “… more dresses and piercings, plaid.” Looking back a few years, everyone seemed to own a pair of Etnies or DCs. Now there isn’t a pair to be seen. Remember the sequined belts? The Northfaces? There aren’t many of those around anymore. Sophomore Sarah Falconer said, “I’ve seen more checkers, plaid, military [jackets], boho [style].” Remember when the men had a collar popped and long hair? When the ladies wore a not-so-tight ponytail and sweatpants? Well, some of that remains popular. It just isn’t as much as it was. What about the years prior with the big hair, high-waisted skinny jeans with shirts tucked in and white sneakers? Or the years when everyone either had a bright colored and patterned dress on or a jumpsuit? I think we will all be shocked when some of that stuff inspires our future attire.