School Spirit is Standing Together

No matter what happens at the school, it seems as if the majority of the school only wants to attend sporting events if the team is good. This might stem from Dimond High School ’s great success in its history. In my opinion, students and faculty a like should come to games not only to watch our teams win, but to also have fun and realize that they’re supporting the school sports team. It seems to me that the losing Dimond teams have less and less fans at the games while the winning teams have a bigger attendance. As a freshman, I thought school spirit ran through the veins of all the student and staff. But I was proven wrong as I discovered that some students only support teams if they are winning. That is not what school spirit is about. School spirit is about supporting your school by dressing up for spirit days, attending Dimond games while vocally cheering the team on, going to dances, having fun and being proud to represent the great school is Dimond. School spirit is something that sticks with you for the rest of your life. Thirty years from now, you could tell your kids or your friends “I had such a blast at Dimond. Hands down the best school around.” Or you continue to support the school marginally and look back and say “Too bad I didn’t go to games more often. Sure would’ve been fun.” It is your decision to make. But now, the school, its atheletes, the staff, need all of our support. Start showing up to games, Cheer your head off and have fun. Paying to get into games and buying activities stickers is part of what keeps our school going. School spirit isn’t attending games or liking teams when they win. It’s staying together with your classmate and all of your fellow lynx. Go Dimond!