Verbal Violence Is Not The Answer

The rules are: Dimond is a Profanity Free Zone. Haven’t you seen it on colorful signs around the school? So why do people still use profanity? Because it sounds “cool”? Or because they need to get their anger out? Why? I can’t stand it when a person squeezes in a cuss word between everything spoken. It doesn’t bother me as much if it is not as often, but seriously, are you that angry? If so, seek some help with that because it probably isn’t that healthy. If you do use profanity, could you not use it at school? Some people find trash talk really annoying, some not so much, but have respect for everyone and lose the profanity. Besides, if you are heard, according to the handbook, you could be punished. If you use profanity because it sounds “cool,” grow up and increase your maturity level. You are a high school student and you should know what really sounds “cool”: a good vocabulary and complete sentences. An anonymous student said, “[I] love it! [Profanity is] just an easy way of expressing myself. It’s blunter, more to the point, and people get it.” I love people that cuss every once in a blue moon. I understand feeling the urge that you just have to get it all out. We have all been there, but to take it out on everyone? That doesn’t sound like a real friend. A real friend is there to see you at your worse, but don’t take it out on that real friend. If you use profanity every once in a while, it is less atrocious, but more understandable. I admit that I use profanity and I admit that I have gotten in trouble for that language, but I don’t use it as frequently as some students. What is the limit with constant cursers? With some, it is little children. It was so heartwarming: a constant curser was yelled at by who I thought to be another constant curser because there were little kids around. It is nice to know people do have limits with profanity use. I just wish those limits would increase, like in school. Would you cuss at an interview? No, because you want to come off as professional. Why would you want to come off as professional? Because you are dealing with a job, which deals with your future. Would you cuss at school? Yeah, but wouldn’t you want to come off as professional there because school broadens your horizons later on in life, which deals with your future? Some people take their futures very seriously, so why not be professional with that seriousness? You may be the type that has yet to discover the broad horizons that school will provide you. In other words, you may not really care about your future. From what parents say, this comes with being a teenager. You couldn’t care if you came off as professional or not. You like living now and you aren’t going to not do something just because it might better your future. Just like you aren’t going to not cuss just because it is rude. With all honesty, it is not my wish to abolish profanity as a whole, but to point out that not all students like hearing it. Have a little respect for those around you, and decrease the amount of cuss words out of your mouth.