Dimond Students Get Excited About Winter Break

Every year about this time, students are getting very excited from school ending to enjoying winter break. But some are much more excited than others. Senior, Brooke Chisholm, said she planning on going to Alyeska every day with her friends and she also plans on going to her cabin every weekend to go snow machining. Just like a lot of other students, she plans on relaxing and sleeping. Then there is Senior Marissa Hayes who plans on cranking out some APEX to have a senior spring, but she also plans to celebrate the holidays with her family and her close friends. There are the students who are working during the break. Just like senior Ashley Krusell, who happens to work at Old Navy. Krusell mentioned, “It’s been packed since black Friday, but we are having good sales right now. Old Navy is going to be packed till Christmas.” But Krusell doesn’t plan on just working; she scored some free time off of work to be able to hang out with her friends and to go to Eagle River to hang out with her boyfriend and his family. Sophomore, Liviya McDermott said ” I am going on a church youth group retreat with all my friends to Fairbanks, and also I plan on spending quality time with my friends, my mom, and my wonderful boyfriend.” Some students have been working very hard over the recent semester so they haven’t been able to hangout with their friends. For example, Junior Hana Ah You has been busy with her Advanced Placement classes. Now that the holiday break is coming she plans on relaxing and finally being able to hang out with her friends. Ah You also plans on going to watch her best friend perform at the holiday figure skating show at the Dimond Center. From hanging out with friends to working on school to working at a job, we hope you all are safe and have a fun, warm winter break.