Mele Kalikimaka

You know the holidays are around the corner when there are decorations everywhere. Whether you believe in Santa Claus, or something else, it is a time to spend with the ones you love. It seems too that everyone has a favorite part. For some people, the season brings joy. For some people, maybe there is a piece missing. But hey, the holidays also mean that we will be bringing in a new year. For Junior Tyler Berger, this season is going to be different. On Feb. 29, his father was deployed to Afghanistan. “When he was deployed my mom kinda got lazy so I am probably not putting up as many lights this year, or the Christmas tree. I’m not sure yet,” Berger said. Another student said the holidays are, “awkward family situations and [there is] lots and lots of food.” Whether you are just waiting to bring in the new year or actually like the holidays, there are years and years of family traditions in which you can’t simply just pass over. Junior Morgan Swallow said, “We open one gift on Christmas Eve and our family comes over for Christmas dinner. This year, we are going on a weekend trip. I don’t known [where], somewhere with a ‘k’.” Junior Tisha Tuua said, “We usually have family gatherings with the whole family, it’s pretty big.” When it comes to the holidays, you either get the true meaning or you don’t. Each person interprets the holidays in different ways and that is awesome. Who knows, to you it maybe just a big money-hoax, but to the person next to you it may not be about the presents, but the love. Swallow said the holidays are, “a time of relaxing and happiness and joy.” You know you love the holidays when you start a 100-days-til-Christmas countdown. You know you love the holidays when the anticipation keeps you awake at night and you can’t stop thinking about that new camera you want. But what is the worst part? Tuua said, “Taking everything down, the chores. I used to never have to do anything. I got to be fat and eat.” Before it is all said and done however, there may just in fact may be presents involved. But what is it that you wish was in the red-and-green-tied-off-with-a-ribbon over decorated box? “A fishy. I’m drop dead serious. I want a glow in the dark one,” said Swallow. Berger wants a laptop from Santa Claus and Tuua wants “a camera, a new phone and a puppy.” Whatever it is you choose to celebrate this season, make sure to have a great, happy, healthy and safe holiday season filled with joy and laughter. And remember, if Santa is coming down your chimney this season, be a good boy or girl and leave out some milk and cookies for the jolly dude.