Valantas Inspires Students

Students at Dimond High are lucky to have the most wonderful teacher ever; she goes by the name Heidi Valantas. Valantas has been with Dimond for only three years. But most students who have her love being in her class because she isn’t super strict. Valantas is teaching the APEX class which is a class that students take online during the school year if they have failed a class in the past. Valantas has been teaching in general for 14 years. She has taught in Alabama, Alaska, Missouri and Washington. She graduated from Wasilla High School in Alaska. Valantas was the president in Honor Society. She also played soccer and was in the theatre. She went to Western Oregon State for college. She was also born in Oregon she grew up in Wasilla. Valantas is married and has two sons. Outside of school she teaches a spinning class at the Alaska Club. Valantas likes to read, knit and spend time with her family. A big goal she has is to go to New York during the winter and go skating in the Rockefeller Center. She also wants to become a faster swimmer.