Men’s Fragrances: The Nose Knows

Everyone with a nose who attends Dimond High School smells the various colognes and body sprays that the guys at Dimond are wearing. There are some people that like them, and some people strongly dislike them. In a totally unscientific survey, some of the favorite colognes worn at Dimond are: · Aqua di Gio by Georgio Armani · SoCal by Hollister · Fierce by Abercrombie · And other body sprays like AXE and TAG Others believe people wear way too much cologne. Jessica Fontaine, a freshman, is convinced that some guys take baths in their cologne “When you walk through the hallways by the guys who think they’re cool, you can almost taste their cologne. If you can taste someone’s cologne, it’s probably a pretty good sign they’re wearing way too much. Some guys just need to know they’re limits,” she said. There are some who love cologne, some who strongly dislike it and some really don’t care. “It doesn’t really bother me. Some people wear way to much when they don’t need it and some people smell like they need to start using some kind of cologne,” said Kaylin Forbes, a junior. Although almost all fragrances smell great, there is a limit and too much of anything isn’t good. “I think some of the stuff people wear is alright but it’s definitely not good for people who are allergic to it,” said Kiel Kenning, a freshman. And Kiel is more than right. “Although only two to three people that attend Dimond have diagnosed complications with fragrances, I’m pretty sure all asthmatic kids that have come in to see me can be affected by the various fragrances worn by students,” Susie Whited, school nurse , said So next time you decide to take a bath in your favorite cologne, think of the other people around you. Not everyone likes being able to smell you from the across the galaxy. And it’s not just the guys at our school are wearing too much cologne. A lot of the ladies are wearing too much perfume too. “A lot of the girls smell nice but some girls, when I walk by them, it smells like they’re shoving a field of flowers up my nose. It’s that overpowering,” said Allen Pangelilan. Some of the girls favorite perfumes are: · Fantasy by Brittney Spears · Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton · Jadore by Christian Dior · And other No matter what the smell is, everyone knows someone who wears too much perfume or cologne. So for the school’s sake, give the smelly stuff a break.