Model United Nations Gets Ready For State Conference

Model United Nations, otherwise known as Model UN, is Dimond’s diplomacy club. Model UN is a student version of the United Nations. Students represent country’s views on a specific topic. Dimond’s Model UN club is getting ready for the state conference held at the end of February. University of Alaska Anchorage hosts the state conference. Students from UAA’s Model UN class and high school students from Model UN clubs around the district will come and hold mock UN conference, with different committees and different caucus sessions. It’s modeled directly after the real United Nations. “Model UN conferences are pretty peachy keen,” says Secretary General of Dimond’s Model UN club Kaycie Thompson. The topic for the February conference is technology, and Dimond will represent three countries: Macedonia, Venezuela, and Gabon. Thompson will be on the security council for Gabon, a spot that is hard to secure due to the small number of seats on the security council. Next year, Dimond’s Model UN club plans to travel to New York and hold Model UN conferences in the actual United Nations building .