“Avatar” and “Pocahontas” Unite

“Avatar” in 3D was a moving movie. It was so moving that some people had to walk to the bathroom in the middle of it because they felt nauseated. “I thought it was very predictable at parts but the graphics were good,” said Senior Heather Philpott. According to Wikipedia, director James Cameron wrote a script for the film in 1994, but technology didn’t catch up with his vision until a while later. “The music was amazing,” said Senior Amillia Bohlken. James Horner was the composer and conductor of the music in the movie. “I See You,” the theme song was sung by Leona Lewis. All the music was beautiful, and it fit with the colors and sounds that were on the screen. “It was just another version of ‘Pocahontas’ except only in space,” said Bohlken. The John Smith in “Avatar” is Jake Sully, who is played wonderfully by Sam Worthington. Sully’s brother was killed, sadly, and since he had the same gene sequence as his twin, Sully was pressured into continuing his brother’s avatar project. Sully is not a scientist. He was in the army and lost use of his legs and swivels around in his wheel chair. Head scientist Dr. Grace Augustine is played by Sigourney Weaver. She can be recognized as Ellen Ripley in the movie “Aliens,” which was also directed by James Cameron. Dr. Augustine is an opinionated woman who is a little hard on Sully because he isn’t really a scientist, although she eventually grows to admire him. “I liked the originality of the avatars,” Philpott said. The avatars are made by linking the native Na’vi gene with a human gene so that a person’s mind can be linked with the body of an avatar. They were made so that the humans could be more accepted by the misunderstood Na’vi people, and to learn about them. The avatar’s body gives Sully a second chance to walk, run and feel the dirt between his toes again. His spirit is revived. Sully spends more time in his avatar body than his human body, and the audience loves it as much as he does. The beautiful Pocahontas character in “Avatar” is Neytiri, played by Zoe Saldana. She taught Sully the way of the Na’vi, and becomes his wife. He is assigned a mission to go to the clan and try to make them move so the humans can get what they want from the new world. Parker Selfridge, played by Giovanni Ribisi, is the corporate administrator for the RDN mining operation. He is only interested in making money. He reminds me of the king in “Pocahontas” because all he wants is gold and he is so far away from what is actually going on out in the world that he doesn’t realize how catastrophic his demands are. Colonel Quaritch, played by Steohen Lang, is only interested in blowing up things. He reminds me of Ratcliffe, the buff leader of the English invasion of the New World. Quartich calls the Na’vi people savages, and every time he does the song “savages savages barely even human” comes flooding into my mind. Sully grows to love the forest and everything in it instead of staying loyal to his mission and will fight for the Na’vi people. The climax was filled with lots of explosions and color that made the screen light up. My explosion meter was almost on red. Sophomore Itzelly Castellanos said, “It was thrilling and it kept me in the movie the whole time.”