Talkeetna Expansion Would Close Snowmachining

The rumor is that the people of Talkeetna, Alaska are expanding into the Petersville area, which would affect the skiers and snowmachiners seeking the rush that backcountry can give you. Before this weekend all I knew was the rumors that the snowmachiners were telling me: “ Oh man did you hear about Petersville? They’re shutting riding down out there for more housing.” So Sunday morning a few buddies and I went out for the day to get some deep snow riding in and find more out about the rumors. I talked to the manager of Sunshine Gas Station and the owner of Gate Creek Cabins in Petersville and come to find out, the rumor is true. They want more space to expand the city and create more housing, which would prohibit snowmachiners from riding. My opinion is that being a snowmachiner, Petersville is one of the best of few places to ride in Alaska, and closing it down to build housing in Talkeetna is the dumbest thing I have heard. It’s cool for a weekend vacation, but I couldn’t spend a week in that town. On the way back into Anchorage from riding, three friends and I talked about it most of the ride home. We all agreed that it wouldn’t be worth it to build something that would close down all the lodges and small family restaurants that are surviving because of snowmachiners’ business. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if Petersville was shut down for riding, it would take away a lot of fun for me and my friends, and I think I am speaking for 99 percent of riders when I say that. I really hope this never passes and is just an idea that somebody had.