The Mysterious World of School Without Summer Vacation

Imagine, school without a summer vacation. Some people could never even fathom life without summer vacation. But if you really think about it, it seems like a brilliant idea at times. If you went to school, starting in kindergarten at six, you would have been out of school years ago. Now that, my friend, that is an amazing up side to not having summer vacation. We wouldn’t have to be worrying about what dress to wear to Sadie Hawkins, or about SATs because it would all be behind us. Some of us could have probably graduated from college by now. We would be in a world of 16-year-olds that already have their PhDs. “I’d prefer a summer vacation. It is a time for your brain to rest. If you go to school for a full year, anyone’s brain would fry,” says Senior Troy Castle. But here is the dark side to this wonderful, mysterious concept: You would get no break. You would have to go about your life constantly worrying about your homework; that is, if you even worry about your homework. You would probably get desperate enough as to start counting down on a calendar the days until your next day off because you are so tired and drained. Now that I think of it, this is a hard decision. Would school be better with a summer vacation or without? Hmm… just think about it. Being out of school by now, or wasting your childhood years in school, just to become a young adult earlier because you would be out of college and ready to get a job. Senior Clayton Cameron said, “We all need a break, we’re human.” This makes me think, at a young age your brain isn’t even developed fully. Would this make our brains grow faster, if we stayed in school year-round? I’m no doctor, but my guess is no. But the good news is, it wouldn’t make our brains grow slower either. I am not saying to consider this as an option really. It was just a humorous attempt at the common question, “what if?” I think it is safe to say, don’t get your hopes up if you really did want school without summer vacation. Besides, it won’t do you any good anyway. You’re already almost out of school.