Dear John Hits Theaters and Hearts

The very sentimental Nicholas Sparks has a new story out in theaters. A love story called “Dear John” came out on the Feb. 5 for the month of love. Nicholas Sparks has a variety of love stories and movies. His most popular movie is “The Notebook”. His other movies include: “A Walk To Remember,” “Message In a Bottle,” “Nights in Rodanthe” and “The Last Song,” which comes out this summer. “Dear John” is about a guy named John; he has enlisted in the army with nothing else to do with his life until he met a girl named Savannah. Their attraction and love grows quickly with his two weeks of visiting his hometown. They are devastated with him leaving for a year so he can serve his the country, so they decide to write each other as much as possible and tell each other everything that is going on. Their love keeps on growing with each letter they write but so does the pain of not being able to see each other. After 9/11, John feels it is his duty to re-enlist again, so that meant he was gone for a total of two years. Savannah was distraught about that, so she musters up her strength to write John explaining how she fell in love with someone else close to her. When John comes home after a tragedy that occurred, he visits Savannah and is shocked at whom she has married. Her husband has a life-threatening condition though, so that gives John hope they will get back together because it is very clear that they are both still in love with each other. I personally thought that the story and movie was very good, I give it five stars. I think Nicholas Sparks’ story lines are always heart touching and real. They’re always sappy and it finds some way to hit you in the heart. In the movie theater there were mostly girls, and I saw a lot of people wiping their eyes and sniffing during a few scenes. It made me tear up in a few scenes, I thought it was so good and real. So I can say that I am a fan of Nicholas Sparks with all of his love stories. I really enjoyed the movie. Junior Raina Rooney said, “I think it was a seven out of 10. But I didn’t like the end because it was rushed and it wasn’t a happy ending.” What does she think of Nicholas Sparks? Rooney said, “In my opinion his stories flow very well and they keep you interested. They always have a twist, and it’s not your usual love story.”