Now Presenting: RARE-T

Rare-T is a club that, “seeks to educate teens about the risks of HIV/AIDS, and what they can do to keep from contracting the disease,” says Junior Rare-T Secretary Alex Maule. With a new club sponsor in hand, Julia Lemmerman, Rare-T is getting a booth ready for the Dimond Carnival Jan. 30th. After spending a lot of time with training and getting ready, this semester Rare-T has big plans. Senior Rare-T President Makayla Smith said, “Well, all our big stuff comes this semester so we are just training and preparing for the stuff to come. We are going to Merars, the carnival, and having presentations within Dimond.” Maule said, “Anyone who is free Saturday should go to the carnival. Especially to the Rare-T booth. We need support!” Smith said, “We are going to dress up in other high school clothes and colors and Dimond’s and have pies thrown at our faces. We thought it would be fun and help us raise money to keep Rare-T going on for many years.” When talking to Maule, she seemed really passionate about getting news about Rare-T out there and getting more people involved in it. “Hopefully we will be able to recruit more people, especially from the lower grades, sophomores and freshmen for next year. Right now, we really need to expand our membership,” Maule said, “It’s really fun. Even though we deal with difficult subject matter, it’s not uncomfortable.” Smith said, “Hopefully it keeps going so that the youth are aware of the dangers [certain things] can have.” “I wouldn’t suggest it to just anyone. But, for people who are outgoing, who want to help people, and who aren’t afraid of public speaking it’s a good organization to join,” said Maule. If you are interested Rare-T a lot of the time meets every other Thursday.