The Love Doctors! Advice for the Men of Dimond

We are the love doctors, here to assist you with your love/ relationship problems. Hey boys, we are going to inform you about a crucial fact that most guys don’t seem to understand. . . women are entirely different from men! They have a very different view of the many aspects of life. Here, you will discover the way to be successful with a woman, and how to avoid the common mishaps in relationships. What Do Women Want? SYDNEY: Well… I believe women want to be listened to. I believe that is the most important thing. REBECCA: Personally, I believe the most significant aspect of a relationship is respect. Men, as well as women, should respect themselves, each other and their choices, to create strong bonds within a relationship. SYDNEY: Yes, well I do agree, respect is important. . . or so Aretha Franklin says in her song; R-E-S-P-E-C-T. I am just playing around. But Respect is important. You don’t want to be the Alpha male in this situation. REBECCA: YES! Give a little respect, get a little respect. There should be no equal or lesser person in the relationship. SYDNEY: Equality for sure. That is important. So, what are important traits that are important to females, do you think, here at Dimond? REBECCA: Two very prominent traits that females look for in males are personality and looks. I hate to break it to you, but it’s the ugly truth. SYDNEY: Well, excuse me. What if I was the Ugly Duckling?! Would I have no chance? REBECCA: Heck no Sister! First of all, you are GORGEOUS. Second of all, out in this big round earth, there is definitely someone for everyone. SYDNEY: Thanks Rebecca! Okay so what do you think about chivalry? I think most men primarily assume that women do not like lots of attention, yet chivalry is one of the utmost important aspects of a relationship REBECCA: I think Girls like to feel important to you. Also, do not allow your expectations to be entirely too high. This is the real world, boys, thus, you need to be realistic. SYDNEY: Real world? More like the life at Dimond High School… Rebecca, what do you think about PDA? REBECCA: I think PDA can get really extreme, in some cases, and it for those that set off those kinds of inappropriate performances, well, I’m letting them know—it is not attractive. SYDNEY: Oh lordy, the feeling is definitely mutual. As Shakespeare says: parting is such sweet sorrow. I think that PDA is too extreme, too. I believe that if you want to or need to prove you like some one to the extent that you need to do the things we see in many public places… Well, I just would not be able to tolerate it. In school, or any other public place, a simple peck will justify. REBECCA: True that! However, this “is” a free country and people may do as they please… Clearly. My next question for you is that; well, let’s get back to the case at hand. What do you think the best way for a guy to ask a girl out, is? SYDNEY: Well boys, it wouldn’t hurt you to be clever. I know someone who got asked out to a dance by the security guard bringing that person a note. On the note it said, would you go to the dance with me? Yes or No. She was to circle one. Thus, it doesn’t hurt to be clever. If you don’t want to be corny like this, although it is very appealing, you can just verbally ask them out. REBECCA: Well, I agree with you. The majority of girls would, I assume, very much like to be asked out by a guy, in a clever way. It kind of sends a hidden message from the guy saying that he really thinks that girl is special. It’s a sincere compliment/gesture. Okay, I am going to hit you up with a big one: Should guys go after a girl they like, even if he knows she doesn’t like him? SYDNEY: That’s a tough one. It all depends, I guess. The main thing is that you should find someone who thinks you are their world. You shouldn’t be all over one girl who doesn’t even like you back! REBECCA: True, true. Well, thank you Sydney. In conclusion, to the men of Dimond, find a girl who thinks you’re great! Listen to them and remember that chivalry is not a bad thing. It is quite appealing. Also, please limit yourselves to the amount of PDA you display in the school. It gets WAY out of control. We have given you a few ways to properly ask a girl out and also have shown you what we, the LOVE DOCTORS, think is needed to be successful in a relationship.